Romance Travel …. An essential key to healthy loving relationships

Honeymoons and Romance Travel… one of the things I love most about my relationship with my sweetie is that we take the time out to do things together that we love.   Football, wine, and travel!  I came to realize how valuable this time is that we spend together when we travel away together from the everyday hustles and bustles and each trip we take together brings us closer to each other and enriches our relationship with each other. Not to mention the fabulous memories we are making!  This is why I decided to specialize in Luxury romance travel.  I think it’s important enough that I don’t just make sure my travels are romantic and memorable; it is my job to help others reconnect with each other.  Starting with honeymoons, to weekend getaways, to Anniversary trips to babymoons, destination weddings, and renewals…

The top three reasons why I think people should make Romance travel a priority.

  1. Honeymoons are a great way to start your happily ever after!  After all of the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding and the actual wedding you will need some down time to relax and enjoy each other’s company… and talk about your future, your hopes and dreams now that you are Mr.  & Mrs.!
  2. Getaways … these are so great for relationships!  You can leave work and kids behind even for the weekend!  Have fun with each other …flirt…play…remember again why you fell in love with each other and really appreciate the person you are with!  It can be done at home but being in a different location, even just an hour away helps you focus one each other and not the dirty house, the yard, and other details.
  3. Make memories…. Actually this should be number one!  Romance travel allows you to make wonderful memories….long walks on the beach….candle light dinners,  private pools in your bungalow…. So many memories to be made for you to reminisce on….. And make you smile during the middle of a hectic day at work….

I have clients that often ask how can they make the trip just a little more special and romantic… and I have TONS of ideas…while you have probably covered all the basis by having me make your dinner reservations and excursions in advance something you can do to add the personal touch is bring along some candles or even the flameless candles work to set the mood in your hotel room. Don’t forget to bring some bubble bath and surprise your special person by putting a flower or a seashell you found on their pillow!

X O X O – Shannon


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