Working with a honeymoon couple!

Driving my Sandals wrapped car is always fun!  I’m finally used of people staring, friends honking at me and people asking for brochures while I’m pumping gas.  The wrap is definitely an attention getter!  One of my favorite stories is the time I’m sitting at a traffic light and my phone rings so I answer it.  The young man calling says “Are you in front of me in the Sandals SUV?”  I look in my rear view mirror and see a guy in a blue truck on the phone.  So I say  “ Yes, if that’s you in a blue truck I’m in front of you”  He says “good we are wanting to book our honeymoon Sandals but we have no idea which one is right for us can you help us?”

Absolutely!!! That is what being a travel consultant is about!  Asking the right questions and more importantly listening to their needs, wants and expectations in a trip!  They knew they wanted an all-inclusive honeymoon somewhere tropical.  They had searched online and had become very overwhelmed with the choices.  Mix that in with all of the other wedding plans they are taking care of and you can understand how they were feeling.  We met for coffee one afternoon and as I asked questions about what they were expecting, previous traveling experiences, do they want to just lay around and relax or do they want activities and adventure, and many other questions to help me guide them in the right direction!  Since I am a Sandals certified specialist I am knowledgeable about all of the Sandals property.  I gave them my top 3 recommendations for them!  We looked at brochures, online and just talked about the resorts in depth!  A couple of days later they called me and let me know that they had decided on Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma (It was my first choice for them)!! A BREATH-TAKING RESORT!   The resort has a beautiful beach and all rooms have an ocean view which was a priority for my clients.


We spoke a few times and exchanged emails from the time they booked until the time they left.  Through those correspondences I gave them travel tips, advice and answered any questions that they had!  A couple days before he came by and picked up their documents, he was so excited about the wedding and then honeymoon to Sandals!  It was handing over a Christmas present to a kid on Christmas morning!

I spoke to them not too long after they returned and when I asked “how was the trip? “ his response was well we are upset…and I have to be honest, my heart dropped!  “Why are you upset?” I asked (holding my breath) and he said “We are upset that we had to come home!” He went on to say it was the best vacation he’s ever had and they cannot wait to go back…maybe for their one year anniversary!

It is so rewarding to know that my knowledge of the industry, products and ability to ask the right questions help my clients have the best vacations ever!


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