Romantic and fun Get Away to New Orleans

As I type this I’m sitting at my desk dressed up in my black and gold… fluer dis lis accessories and getting excited about an overnight trip to New Orleans!

How lucky are we to have such a great ESCAPE in our own back yard less than an hour away!  If you know me you know my love for the Saints and my passion for the city of New Orleans!  We are only going for a short trip this time for the Monday night football game but I just get so excited when I get to spend time in the city!  We have been more times than I can count and each time is so fun and full of memories!

There is so much to do and see in New Orleans.  Its fun, its exciting, its romantic.  There are so many incredible restaurants!  The hotels are all unique and have each have their own personalities!  I have stayed at more than 30 different hotels in the city…and eaten at even more restaurants…and we still have a list of where we want to go …lol

I consider myself a New Orleans travel expert!  I am almost (and will be one day) a resident but I still the city through a visitors eyes!  I know the standard tourist spots but I also know some of the secrets to the city!  So remember that …if you are thinking of planning a trip to the Big Easy…call me its part of my expertise!


3 thoughts on “Romantic and fun Get Away to New Orleans

  1. I love New Orleans! Wish we were as close as you – about 5 – 6 hours from here, still not bad. Thanks for reminding me of this great destination for a nice long weekend getaway for us!

  2. I have been to New Orleans a couple of times before and have loved it! I would love to go again. I do have a question, though – why is the city called the Big Easy? I’m curious!

    • Great Question Rhian!
      And there are so many answers to that question!
      Personally I like the answer that it is because of the people of the city and their laid back easy going attitudes!
      Another historical reason is the origin of “The Big Easy” could also date back to Prohibition. During the 1920s, the federal government enforced strict laws concerning the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Violators erected speakeasies that sold illegal liquor, and the federal government conducted a number of raids throughout the country. However, the federal government unsuccessfully raided many establishments in New Orleans. The city became known as the big speakeasy because of its ability to outwit the government.
      There are also MORE reasons ….maybe I will create a blog on just this!

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