Honeymoon Etiquette

Honeymoon Etiquette

Something people wonder about….

Who pays for the honeymoon?  Him or her? Both? Do the parents pay?

Here’s an interesting article I found about Honeymoon etiquette.

Also another great trend I’m finding is Honeymoon registry especially for those on their second weddings that already have everything.  There are great sites for this, like http://www.honeyfund.com .  You set up an account and your friends and family can put money in to your account / registry for your honeymoon.


I think its a great idea, but beware, there are some in older generations that might not think this is a good idea….so maybe send this to your 50 and under guests…..let your older aunts, uncles and friends send you some towels. 🙂



Shannon LeBlanc