Tips for Traveling Together for the First Time

Your first trip together is often a milestone in a couples relationship.  You want it to be perfect and memorable.  As a professional travel consultant one of the first questions I ask my clients is “Have you traveled together before?”  I know the importance of that first trip together!  I know the meaning it will have to both parties!  So how do you make it a trip to remember , a fun get away , a romantic journey?   bigstock-couple-on-beach-with-travel-ba-21894044

Here are 5 tips that I often give my clients when planning their first trip together:

1.  Start small – a weekend getaway or a 3 night trip minimum.  This will “test the waters” and let you know you are as travel partners.

2.  Budget – decide this upfront, if you are inviting and planning are you paying?  will you be splitting the cost of the trip?  Discussing this in advance will avoid any misleading about who is responsible for paying and will also help avoid any uncomfortableness as far as money is concerned.bigstock-Young-romantic-couple-sitting--13095359

3.  Be Spontaneous – don’t plan too many activities for the weekend and don’t worry if you don’t stay on a time schedule.  Dinner reservations is great and maybe one planned tour activity during each day .   Remember you are there to enjoy each other and part of that is enjoying new experiences together.  Be present and in the moment with each other, explore and be open to what ever comes your way on this romantic trip!bigstock-Smiling-couple-reading-menu-a-39909421

4.  Plan a romantic moment- nothing major…the simple things mean the most.  Try putting a piece of chocolate on your partners pillow at night or a short hand written note by their bedside saying one special thing about them, a single flower that you present on a walk, or a dance in the park.  bigstock-A-couple-traveling-sit-on-the--28808525

5. Avoid cell phones- you are their to enjoy each other be respectful of the other person.  Be in the moment, how can you enjoy a sunset together if you are checking Facebook, tweeting or checking emails.  You can upload the pictures from your weekend together when you return!  Make the memories now and reminiscence and share later!  Never use your cell phone during dinner or any other planned activity.  If you have to take a phone call apologize and let them know its an important call. Cell Phone Blues

and a lagniappe tip:

ENJOY THE JOURNEY.…getting there is the fun…if something challenging happens on the trip don’t get frustrated, laugh and make the most of it, if they lose your luggage oh well, great excuse to order room service and have dinner in the hotel robes 😉 , remember to laugh….life is suppose to be fun and if you are with someone you care about its going to be even more fun!




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