Cruising ..there is more than one cruise line to choose from

As a travel professional it is my duty to stay atop of news that happens in the travel industry.  Carnival Cruise Lines have definitely been in the news pretty often lately and not for any good reasons!

A few months ago I made a decision to no longer actively sell Carnival.  How can I as a professional travel agent offer a cruise line and company that does not live up to the standards that I think a supplier should offer.  Yes, they are convenient sailing out of several ports.   New Orleans being convenient for  my clients here in Louisiana.  There are so many other options out there for vacationers!  If you are wanting a cruise there are many others out there that offer impeccable service and quality up to date ships.

Yes, things happen, I get that but look at how many times “things” have happened to one company!  Yes they are the cheapest, but will they be able to remain competitive by being the cheapest with ships breaking? 

Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Disney , Celebrity and one of my favorites Oceania offer excellent cruising options for cruise lovers of all kinds.  Go ahead and spend the extra money it is worth it! You have saved your hard earned money for a vacation! You are treating yourself … make it worth while!  Instead of having to have the vacation cut short and be flown home or towed at sea for an extra few days with substandard accommodations!   You want your vacation to be full of GREAT memories!



Also,ask yourself why are you going on a cruise?  Would you consider an all inclusive resort?  The prices are very comparable! In some cases even cheaper !

That is what your professional travel agent is here for!



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