Destination Wedding Photographers – What you need to know!

I love to help my bride and grooms get the most from their destination weddings!  One of the most important things for a wedding to me is the memories you create and the images that capture all of those memores for you to have for a lifetime.

Most resorts do provide you with a “photographer” and it is usually included in the wedding packages but I like to recommend to my clients is to bring a professional wedding photographer with you!

I recently interviewed a photographer who is very familiar with traveling for destination weddings.  Jenn Ocken enlightens us in this article on the pros of bringing your personal photographer with you for your destination wedding.

What is the reason you think a couple  should hire a photographer that they know locally or is recommended to them  to capture the destination wedding versus the resort photographer?


The main difference is a resort photographer could be a trained photographer, but most likely a seasonal worker that has almost no photographic experience.  There is rarely any passion behind composing the images or telling the story.  Often times they use a very generic shot list and only capture the typical timeline photos from a wedding celebration. They aren’t focused on reactions of your parents or the in between moments when your groom sneaks an intimate look at his new bride! They are paid, usually not well, to stage photos and get out of there as soon as possible. Their is no relationship built between the bride and groom and their photographer, which often results is the 101 poses of wedding photography. 
By booking a photographer and taking them with you, you have time to create a relationship with them. You can meet with them see their work and express what are the import things about your wedding and why they mean so much to you. There are a lot of little details and behind the scene stories to all weddings. I love to hear about them. It helps me understand the dynamic of the family and in turn I can tell a better story individual to each client’s celebration. Also you can schedule an engagement session in your home town bringing the place where you live in to your wedding celebration even though you are heading out on a destination wedding. This engagement session is also used as a great relationship builder between the bride and groom and their photographer. 

How do you prepare the bride and groom for their photographs on the wedding day?

We chat it up. I talk about their time ,understand their needs and what they are wanting captured. I love getting to know them and understanding their personalities and the knowing the process leading up the celebration!  This all helps me to be understanding of their needs and what is happening and also available with out being overwhelming during the events of the wedding celebration. Oh and I love Pintrest! We create boards for all our clients so they can share pictures of the locations, their details and other photos they would love to capture for their day! I get an idea of their style, what make them smile and makes their heart skip a beat. This sets me up for a very successful assignment!

Would you like to add any valuable information to a couple planning a destination regarding their wedding photos?

1) Remember the celebration is about them and their commitment to each other.

2) Stick to what you want as a couple for your day!

3) Enjoy the engagement too! You will never be engaged ever again but you will be married for the rest of your life!


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