The Definition of Honeymoon?

The dictionary says:



1. a vacation or trip taken by a newly married couple.
2.the month or so following a marriage.
3.any period of blissful harmony: Their entire 60 years of marriage was one long honeymoon.
4.any new relationship characterized by an initial period of harmony and goodwill: The honeymoon between Congress and the new president was over.
I love number 3…blissful harmony!  If that’s the case then I want to be on a honeymoon all of the time, don’t you?
My definition of HONEYMOON is:
A time for two people that are together to get away with each other…to leave the phones , the job, the kids,the stress , the friends behind and escape.  Escape and reconnect!
A honeymoon can happen as many times as you like with your special someone…why go on just one?  Go on numerous honeymoons… Surprise them with a special trip…. schedule a trip once a year for five nights or more just the two of you!  Go on a near by weekend get away together.  If you are married renew your vows at a beautiful destination wedding location…often times renewals are free!
It keeps that spark going….and maybe turning it into a flame…. and that will keep you in BLISSFUL HARMONY!
I want to know…. so please please tell me ….what is YOUR definition of honeymoon?
Please let me know!
Post your definition here or on my facebook page Paradise Vacation Escapes!
I can’t wait to hear ….