Do you know what time it is ? Back to school? Nope! guess again!

Back to  Romance…

It is that time of the year again!  The yellow buses are in traffic in the morning.  The school supply list is sent home with the kids.  The alarm clock is going off a little earlier.  The afternoons and evenings are filled with activities and homework. The time of the year that most kids dread and most parents do too – Back to school time! 

I know for most of you this means rigorous scheduling, car pooling and sometimes just chaos….you may even be the student juggling school and a job and the kids! 

Let me ask you this, What did you do this summer with the family? A road trip to the nearest beach and you still had to cook in a condo, pack the lunches, ice chest?   Make sure each kid was SPFed (is that even a word) up?

Maybe you got to got to go to a theme park!  You know the ones, where you ride all of those fun rides, stand in line, run from park to park, waking up early and staying out late with the kids? 

Did you take a road-trip with the kids to visit family in another state maybe?  How many times did you hear “Are we there yet?”

I’m sure you made some wonderful memories  and had a wonderful time with the kids!  But was it Romantic?  I’m sure there was some romance along the way but it was not’t just the two of you!

YOU both deserve it… call up the grandparents, line up the babysitters and indulge in a long romantic weekend with just the two of you.  Unwind from the summer and reconnect with each other.

You have a full school year of activities ahead of you to do with the family .  Plan a little couple time.  Get away to a romantic city – like New Orleans, Key West. Chicago or even New York!

You can even do a great beach escape.  The Riviera Maya or Cabo San Lucas have incredible all inclusive resorts with pristine beaches and all you have to do is show up and relax.  Mexico is great for a 3 or 4 night get away.

If you can’t get away for long weekend I still suggest you get back to romance! Stay home from work together one day …play hookie…it will do wonders for your relationship!

I would love to plan your back to romance trip!  So you have some homework:

1. Arrange for a babysitter
2. Call Shannon 225-303-2240
3. Get back to Romance

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