Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Honeymoon

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Honeymoon

When planning your honeymoon it is very easy to fall into the trap of making mistakes that could lead to serious problems. In order to avoid having any unexpected problems during what should be a relaxing and fun time with your new spouse, you need to plan your holiday carefully. Here are a few things you should avoid to ensure you honeymoon is the best it can be.

  1. Not Starting Your Honeymoon Planning Early

You need to start planning your honeymoon early and not wait until the last minute in order to ensure you will not be disappointed in your choices. If you have chosen summer as your wedding date, many other couples have done the same and you might find that your choice hotel and destination are booked. You should plan for your honeymoon about the same time you begin planning the wedding itself.


  1. Not Setting an Adequate Budget for your Honeymoon


If you don’t set aside enough money for your honeymoon, you may find yourself not exactly enjoying a beach resort or that relaxing week on the Riviera. Instead, you may end up with a hotel more suited to families and not being able to book a boat cruise or those much desired diving lessons.

  1. Not Taking your Future Spouse’s Opinions into Consideration


We all have places we would love to spend our honeymoon; some prefer a walk along a street in Paris, while others want to fly down a zip line in New Zealand. When planning your honeymoon, you must take your future spouse’s opinions into account and compromise with each other. If possible, incorporate ideas and plans from both of you into your plans.

  1. Not Considering a Honeymoon Registry

You might have placed yourself on bridal registries but did you consider a honeymoon registry? Many couples never think of it and it’s a great way to help pay for the honeymoon. Friends and relatives can donate cash as a wedding gift and that fund will go to giving you the honeymoon of your dreams.

  1. Booking too Early a Flight After Your Wedding

Some couples make the mistake of booking their flight too early in the day after the wedding. This means either leaving early from the reception in order to get enough rest or arriving on their honeymoon tired for the first day. Instead of leaving in the morning, try an early afternoon flight or even book a flight for 2 days after the wedding to give yourself time to rest.

  1. Being Unaware of Local Customs at your Destination


This could become a serious issue if you are unaware of customs and legal responsibilities at your chosen destination. Before you head out to a country you are unfamiliar with, study local customs, traditions, and also their laws before flying out to avoid any problems during your honeymoon.

  1. Not Getting Advice from Someone Who has Been to Your Destination

If you are planning on heading to a destination you haven’t been to before and don’t really know much about, it is a wise idea to get advice from someone who has. They can inform you of local customs, places that are a must see and what to avoid when you are there. You could ask a travel agent or your wedding planner for advice on this.

  1. Forgetting to Renew or Get Your Passport

If you are traveling out of the country, you must make sure your passport hasn’t expired and is up to date. This should be done months before you head out, because if you don’t you won’t be allowed into your destination country. Also, there are new rules in regards to the expiration date of your passport and travel to certain countries, make sure you know these rules and you fulfill them.

  1. Waiting Until the Last Minute or Day to Pack for Your Trip


With the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, rehearsals and the ceremony and reception itself, it is easy to leave packing for your honeymoon until the last day; however, this is rarely a good idea. Instead, take time leading up to the honeymoon, a few days at least to pick and choose what you want to take with you and pack carefully. This leads to less stress and you are less likely to forget anything.

  1. Not Using Shannon at Paradise Vacation Escapes to Plan Your Honeymoon
    While you may enjoy planning your honeymoon, it can be rather stressful; especially for busy couples. Instead, why not let Shannon at Paradise Vacation Escapes plan your honeymoon for you? You will get superior service from an experienced professional travel agent who can help you create the perfect honeymoon or destination wedding.


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