Planning a Destination Wedding…Why use a destination wedding specialist?

Planning a destination wedding…
Use a
Destination wedding specialist!

Why a destination wedding specialist?  Such a great question to ask yourself.  You can plan your wedding using internet sites or the corner travel agent, but will you be getting the best value and experience?   

A Destination Wedding Specialist is just that.  Travel Counselors that specialize in the destination wedding process.  They will help you find the perfect island, resort and location for your special day.  Looking for a romantic beach location, but don’t necessarily want 200 strangers looking your way?

That is hard to find by looking at a picture.  A wedding specialist has walked the grounds of most of the resorts they represent, and knows which resorts can offer the seclusion that you are looking for.

You’ve had your heart set on a September wedding your whole life, now you decide that you would like a beach wedding in the Caribbean. That’s awesome!

I can help… The first thing I’m going to recommend is that you avoid mid September- mid October as that time period has the highest amount of rainfall of the year. If you are not flexible, I’ll recommend a location that offers a beautiful alternative to the beach, just in case!  

We all speak English right?  Most of us do, but… many things get lost in translation when it comes to weddings and traditions that US brides like to follow.  Working with a Destination Wedding Specialist eliminates the risk of misunderstandings.


Do you know that most countries have “residency” laws that require you and your fiance to be in the country at least 48 hours prior to a legal marriage?  Some even up to 7 days. If you are getting married in a non English speaking country your passports and birth certificates have to be translated into the local language. Who would think of that?   Your Destination Wedding Specialist is up to date on these requirements and can advise you.  

For the bride and groom, a destination wedding should be as easy as getting your passport, inviting your guests, packing your wedding and honeymoon attire and showing up!   This makes having a destination wedding specialist a necessity!

I am a destination wedding specialist…as well as a honeymoon specialist.  Please feel free to tell your friends about me! Contact me at 225-303-2240 or 800 – 607- 2240 ext 1Image


One thought on “Planning a Destination Wedding…Why use a destination wedding specialist?

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I also completed my Destination Wedding Specialist certificate for this very reason. I want to be able to inform all of my clients of the ins and outs of having this type of wedding.

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