Why you should choose a Destination Wedding!

Why You Should Choose A Destination Wedding

What is a destination wedding and why should you consider having one? A destination wedding is a wedding at a location away from your home state, usually at a resort or beautiful locale like a tropical island.  Many couples choose destination weddings for a variety of reasons, some of which may appeal to you.  Read on to find out why destination weddings are becoming more popular for couples today.
1) You Get To Be Married In Exotic Locations
Getting married in a church, a regular venue, or a family member’s back yard may appeal to some, but to others the thought of getting married in front of a waterfall, in the forest, or on a tropical beach feels very romantic and adds to the special feeling of that one special day with your spouse.  Your family may also enjoy getting to travel to these locations to attend your wedding.  One thing is for sure, with a destination wedding, you’ll never forget your special day.
2) You Can Save On Honeymoon Costs
With a destination wedding, not only are you getting married in a beautiful place, but you can take your honeymoon here as well while your family and friends get their own mini-vacation.  With a destination wedding some choose to take their honeymoon right there on site, and others will travel a short distance to another resort, perhaps on the other side of the island if that’s where they’ve chosen to be wed.  Taking your honeymoon where you’re being married is a great way to save on costs and have a great wedding and honeymoon.
3) You Get Amazing Wedding Photos
For most people these exotic vacations are once in a lifetime things, just as weddings are.  What better way to get beautiful, amazing wedding photos than in your dream spot on the beach, out in the forest, or at that special place you’ve chosen to travel to in order to be joined with your most loved one.
4) You Get To Do Special Activities
Para-sailing, hangliding, swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, mountain climbing, swimming under a waterfall, walking along a warm white beach at night under the stars hand in hand with your spouse… there are a lot of activities you will have the opportunity to do on a destination wedding that you might not get to do otherwise.  Not only will you and your spouse enjoy these activities, but any attending family and friends will as well.  This is a great way to start your new life with your spouse, and a great way to make some memories and thank your family for traveling to attend your wedding.
Tips For Couples Considering A Destination Wedding
1) You may have to front the cost for flying some family and friends out to your wedding.  Check for group air fare and group hotel rates.  Some family and friends will be able to pay for their own fare, but you may have to pay part or all of other friends and family’s travel and hotel costs.
2) A great way to pitch this idea to your family is that they’ll get a once in a lifetime vacation as well as get to see you get married.  You may want to set up activities for them to do after the wedding is over, and pay for part or all of them.
3) There are often wedding planners that work at resorts or on cruise ships.  You may want to consider using one of them for your special day.  Others choose to use a wedding planner they know if there are no wedding planners available at their destination of choice.
4) Be aware that traveling may be hard for some family and friends.  You should try to make the trip, their stay, and their return as easy as possible for them
With some planning and Shannon LeBlanc with Paradise Vacation Escapes  in your corner, your destination wedding can be beautiful and memorable, truly, the stuff dreams are made of.


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