5 Ways to Put the Spark Back Into Your Relationship

5 Ways to Put the Spark Back Into Your Relationship

Every relationship has a period of time when it seems to have lost that special spark that you felt when you first got together. This typically happens to everyone who has been with their significant other for some time and the bloom seems to have fallen off the rose. It’s not that difficult to get it back however, when you give these 5 tips a try.

1.     Renew Your Friendship
Most likely you were friends before anything else developed in your relationship so now is the perfect time to renew that friendship. Many couples schedule their romantic time together; instead, why not have a movie night, take in a baseball game or have a pillow fight? If you take the time to re-discover each other as friends, it’s much easier to re-ignite the passion.

2.     Plan Romantic Trip
You might have heard this advice before but it’s simply one of the best ways to add that spark back into your relationship. Couples who take romantic trips – perhaps to the same location they went after their wedding, usually find those feelings they had the day they married re-emerge.
If you aren’t married, try taking a trip to an exotic and romantic locale you have always dreamed of visiting. You will be exploring your dream location with your best friend and creating beautiful memories you will take back home with you

3.     Make Quality Time for Each Other
Quality time isn’t just for the kids or the entire family; it’s for couples as well. If you both love to visit new cities or travel for example, why not take a weekend trip to a resort, spa or hotel and be pampered? You could spend your time together taking long walks on a beach, sitting in a park or garden setting or perhaps finding a new museum or art gallery to visit.

4.     Date Night
You most likely have heard of date night and it isn’t just for parents, it’s for busy couples who rarely have time to just relax and enjoy each other. Plan for an evening out with your loved one at a restaurant, the movies, theater show or even a nightclub; something that you both will look forward to.

5.     Do Something Different
A very important tip to keeping the spark alive in your relationship is to try new things and have brand new experiences together. Part of the problem with most relationships is, couples tend to repeat the same actions; for example, going to the same restaurants or weekly bowling night. Instead, choose something you have never done before that you both want to try and make it fun and exciting.
It only takes a bit of imagination and a little ingenuity to bring that spark back to life!


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