What are your plans?

Its the start of new year.  Time to evaluate what our goals are, make resolutions and make plans!

I highly recommend that you take some time NOW to start thinking about what you will do for travel this year!

Having a consultation with a travel professional is a great way to start your planning!

Think about what is coming up!

Do you have a special anniversary coming up?  Milestone Anniversaries or Birthday that needs to be celebrated?  A trip is a wonder ful gift and way to celebrate!

Thinking about giving a really special Valentine’s gift?  Give the gift a Valentines , then enjoy the gift again later in the year when you take the trip…you get 2 Valentines in one year!


Did you get engaged over the holidays and need to plan a honeymoon?  Ladies….you can forward this information to your fiance and I will be happy to guide him in the honeymoon planning process while you are busy creating the most amazing wedding for him!  I will make sure he and I design the most amazing honeymoon ever!

Do you want to surprise your special someone with a romantic get away?  Who doesn’t love a surprise just because!

Take some time out for the two of you to really reconnect and fall in love all over again.

Do you need to say I’m sorry and get out of the dog house?  Yes a romantic get away is a sure fire way to say
“I’m sorry” and get you out of the dog house and keep you out for a while!

I offer a free consultation.  We can talk about what type of trip you want and what the benefits are of using a professional travel agent to make your trip even more special!

Just click on my Survey…fill it out (its quick) and then at the end you can schedule your consultation with my online calendar!

I look forward to hearing from you and chatting during our consultation. 

If you know of anyone planning a destination wedding , honeymoon or romantic journey I would greatly appreciate if you please give them my information.


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