My 3 Top Romantic Excursions In Jamaica

Jamaica is a popular place for honeymooners, those on vacation or even those celebrating a birthday or anniversary, to come and have a blast. The tourists always go back home feeling super refreshed and mega excited to share their experiences with other couples back home. No wonder tourism in Jamaica is never on the low stream. People love Jamaica and Jamaica loves them back.  However, what I’m about to share with you is probably something that not every tourist really know about. These are the best romantic excursions you could ever experience with your loved one in Jamaica. Here we go:
  1. Glistening Waters (Luminous Lagoon) – Falmouth, Trelawny
I’m not sure if there is a fitting word to describe the glory of this magical spot. It is just spectacular! This radiant lagoon is one of four found in the world! And guess what, it is the brightest of them all! The others can be found in Bahamas, Indonesia and Puerto Rico.
This is another spot where fresh water, which flows from Martha Brae River and sea water coincide. The water has a lot of phosphorus in it, which causes it to illuminate so beautifully when troubled. There are very tiny microorganisms living in the water itself, which discharge a flash of light whenever they are touched. People from all over the world, including scientists, are very much amazed by this awesome habitation.   
If you were to put your hand in the water, you would see the water light up around it. So just imagine taking a swim with your beloved in this magical water. You’d both be glowing with blue light all around you! What a rare and exquisite experience! I encourage you to take a bottle with you and fill it with some of the glistening waters. It will continue to glow for up to six hours.
It is also recommended that when taking photos of Glistening Waters, you should take the flash off your camera, in order to capture the glow of the water.
2. Croydon Plantation – Montego Bay, St James
This beautiful plantation of coffee and pineapples is located at the bottom of Catadupa Mountains. This area gives an awe-inspiring view of the mountains, great for a romantic moment. Here you will get the chance to bask into a great treat of multiple local fruits such as star apples, jackfruits, coconuts, pineapples, sugarcane, and many more.   
Your tour guides will share with you a detailed history of how the plantation came into being. They teach you how to plant and process coffee. Also, the beekeeping practice and the production of honey. This is a great way for you and your spouse to learn new hobbies and a little about Jamaica’s history together. At the end of your tour, you will be treated to a tasty Jamaican style meal which will be served with our own local and world class Blue Mountain Coffee. Drinks are available for purchase at very reasonable rates.
3. Mystic Mountain – Ocho Rios, St. Ann
Another heavenly scenery, only this time, there is just so much to do! Mystic Mountain offers tourists zip lining, bobsledding, water-slides, bird watching, etc. You can also buy items at the gift shops and meals at the restaurants.  To get up the mountain, you will have to travel up the mountainside on a chairlift. This is a remarkable experience because this is where you get a full view of the beautiful town of Ocho Rios!
When you get to the top of the mountain, you will find a nice little museum that holds many facts about the first Jamaican bobsled team. You will also see the gift shop and restaurant which has a nice bar, a very huge pool and a water-slide.  Going up to the top for bobsledding will take about fifteen minutes, but the ride down on the sled will take a short and super exciting ninety seconds! There are breaks on the sled to control your speed; however, it is recommended that you go at full speed to gain the full adventure of Jamaican bobsledding!   
To get to the Canopy zip line, you travel through the rainforest. This is the activity that is probably the most loved, because traveling down the zip line you get a good view of the gorgeous natural scenery. For the Sky Explorer, the chairlift hangs approximately seven hundred feet in the air right about the tropical rainforest. This is where you get a breathtaking view of the island and the ocean. It is a fifteen minute ride which begins at the entrance and takes you way up to the mountain top, where your journey ends beside the bobsled ride and infinity pool.

Mystic Pavilion is a lovely place that offers a spectacular view of natural beauty. You can also do some shopping, grab some tasty food or even learn more about Jamaica’s rich history. You can also check out the lush butterfly and humming bird garden.
Infinity Edge Pool and Mystic Waterslide is the perfect place to cool down and have a dip after all that fun and excitement. This is a perfect place to have some fun with your lover!
I hope that this has, not just encouraged you to visit the beautiful island of Jamaica, but to adventure out to one of the paradises discussed above. Please ensure that you take a waterproof camera with you on any of these trips to capture the great moments you shared with your honey.

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