3 romantic things you can do for Valentines day!


Do you celebrate on this day or do you celebrate your love all year long?



 Do you do the traditional dinner and roses ?  Or do you do something different?  Jewelry?  A love letter?  What is it that makes Valentine’s day so special for you and your loved one?


I believe in celebrating your love for each other all year round.  Everyday you should find something in each other that reminds you why you fell in love with your special someone.  


That is part of the reason why I specialize in romance travel! I love to help people create romance and memories that will last them forever.


Here are 3 things you can do to make your Valentines day special:


1. Love letter–  Find a quiet spot, get a pen and paper.  Take a moment to reflect on your feelings and then write.  From the heart.  Writing in your own penmanship makes this even more heartfelt.  This is something they will keep forever.



2. Stay in for Dinner – Hire a personal chef and have them cook for you and wait on you and your sweetheart.  You avoid the crowds and get to spend time together in the comfort of your own home with out the hassles of cooking and cleaning.   



3. Go dancing – In your living room….set Pandora to Love Songs

… light up the room with candles and dance away…..



Bonus:  Surprise them with a Romantic trip planned by Paradise Vacation Escapes – they will love you for it!