What to say when they ask WHY are you having a destination wedding

What to Say to Those Who Ask – Why Are you Having a Destination Wedding?


When you decide to have a destination wedding, you are going to discover that not all your friends and family are going to like the idea. You need to be prepared for the fact that you will not please everyone no matter what kind of wedding you have.  Remember this is your wedding not anyone else’s. In fact, many will ask you why you would choose to bring people halfway around the world for your wedding and expect them to pay the expenses of travel and accommodations. What should you say to these people?

1-The Truth


When people ask you why you would want to have a destination wedding, the best answer is to tell them the truth. You have your reasons for having a destination wedding in the first place; it could have been your dream is to marry on an exotic island beach somewhere, or you might have always wanted to marry in Paris. There is no point in not telling them why you chose the location you did; they may not agree with you but it is your wedding and your choice of location.

2-They Get a Vacation out of It


You could explain to them that they get a nice relaxing vacation out of your wedding.  They will get to spend time with family and friend and create some of the best vacation memories ever! In most cases, resorts offer wedding guests substantial discounts on accommodations at their resorts, and some offer perks like spa treatments, day trips and tours to historical sites. It is possible to help turn their travel for your wedding, into a dream trip for them as well; at most likely a better cost than traveling on their own.  By working with a professional travel consultant everyone’s travel is coordinated together and the group will even more than likely get group discounts and benefits.

3-Tell Them it’s Their Decision if They Attend


Some people think that they must attend if you decide on a destination wedding and this is simply not the case. Not everyone will have the budget to fly off even for a few days and that must be ok with you. Some may have the budget but just choose not travel for their own personal reasons and that is okay.  You can tell them that this is your dream but they don’t have to attend if they can’t budget for it, or can’t get time off from work.

While you certainly don’t have to justify why you want to have a destination wedding, you most likely will receive questions from people not so thrilled on the idea. If you give your guests plenty of time to budget for it, they may be more willing and open to the idea of attending. All couples should understand that you might not get all the guests you invited to come and you need to be ok with that.

 Again remember…Its about You and your Fiancé’s Happiness!


No matter what type of wedding you have, whether it’s local or a destination wedding you will never please everyone involved.  The main characters of this wedding is you and your fiancé… also the main characters of the marriage.  This is who you need to focus on pleasing yourself and your fiancé’.  Do what is going to make the both of you happy.  Friends and family that really love and support you will want you to be happy no matter what.  Let those that won’t make it for whatever reason that you can have a personal celebration with them when you return.  You can then show them the videos and the photographs from the beautiful wedding.  You will be so happy to share these memories and they will be happy that you did something personally with them.