Inspired to Travel in Love

You have to admit being in love makes everything you experience in life better, right?

When you are in love you tend to do things with the other person in mind, this makes the things you do in life even better. Like going out to dinner… Taking a walk around the lake…even doing the Laundry together is even better than doing laundry alone.
Traveling together and seeing the world through the eyes as a couple is a remarkable experience and can be inspiring in so many ways.
I’ll admit traveling together can sometimes be challenging however, when you are traveling as a newlywed, a couple in love just to escape for a magnificent trip or for a 50 year anniversary you can see the world in a whole new light!


5 ways to travel in love and be inspired


1 – Set an Intention For The Trip


I know this is a “romantic” trip and one of the intentions for this trip is the “alone time” (wink wink nudge nudge).  What I mean by setting an intention is to come up with one thing you really want to accomplish as a couple while traveling together.  It can be to deepen your relationship. I think if you keep it simple and set an intention this will inevitably happen. For example: The intention can be that you want to find out something that you did not know about your partner from his childhood.  You could go deeper and set the intention of opening your heart as much as possible and being completely open to receive love from your partner on this trip.


2- Say What You See, Hear, Touch, Taste and Physically Feel- Then Share 


By being in a new setting and new environment we all see things in a different way.  When you are experiencing this new destination say what you see, say that you love the way palm trees sway and rustle in the breeze.  We all see things differently and you may not realize just how your partners sees things.  You may both be in the same place at the same time however what you are seeing, hearing and feeling could be entirely different.  Share this with each other.  This will help you to see the world through the others eyes, not just on this trip but in life together.


3- Detach 


Leave the phones, the iPad and the laptops at home or off.  Most resorts do offer Wi-Fi and ways to stay connected however when you are traveling together it is time to detach yourself from work and social media platforms.  It’s time to let your minds be open to your thoughts that go through your mind and to let the words that your partner speaks go through your mind and to your heart while you are fully present.



4- Experience Something New


Find something that neither of you have ever done, alone or together. Something as crazy as bungee jumping or cliff diving if you dare. If bungee jumping is just a little too wild and crazy then maybe just a horseback ride on the beach or dining on exotic foods you have never tried before. When you do something new together not only are you creating a memory of a “first”, you also inspire each other and support each other to grow and experience new things and have fun!


5 – Let Others Inspire you


While you are out and exploring look around at the other couples near you. Do you see an older couple still holding hands? Do you see a guy giving a flower to his partner at dinner? Do you see a woman softly tussling her man’s hair as she whispers something in his ear?   Do you see that couple dancing on the dance floor even though they do not have an ounce of rhythm? Doesn’t that inspire you to want to be a better couple? And who is watching you?


I truly believe that when we leave our daily busy lives and go off to our “Paradise” we are inspired by the beautiful world we live in and by the beautiful people we encounter. We come back from “Paradise” inspired and enriched as a person and a couple. We can go back to our everyday busy lives as a better person. We return to our lives with our partner with memories of a great experience, closeness in our relationships and a little added spark of inspiration to be a better person and a better couple.



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