Don’t be a honeymoron: make the most of your honeymoon

Honeymoons are a joyous time in anyone’s life. They follow the other happy event of marriage, and are a period when a couple can focus just on each other. The best honeymoons allow you to explore somewhere that at least one of you hasn’t been to: the exotic and the new help the romance build, and provide wonderful memories for the two of you as a couple. So, just like a wedding, a honeymoon is important for setting a marriage out on the right foot!


            For that reason and others, it’s important not to withhold on your honeymoon! Why do people skimp on their honeymoon, and compromise on the dream romantic vacation that they actually had in mind? While we can’t give definite answers that would apply to every single newlywed couple, one major reason couples skimp is because they spent too much on their wedding! Of course the wedding is important to, and is the more public celebration which includes friends and extended family. But, while you plan your wedding, you should also have your honeymoon in mind! What fun is it to sacrifice the activities, restaurants, and places to see on your honeymoon, just to have a fancier caterer or a bigger chandelier at your wedding reception? It’s my firm belief that the honeymoon is just as important as the wedding, and you shouldn’t sacrifice one for the sake of the other!


            Furthermore, this might seem obvious to some, but: this is YOUR honeymoon! It’s a special trip, celebrating the beginning of your life together, not just a one weekend getaway! On smaller trips, sure, get the economy hotel room and eat at a chain place instead of a fancy and unique restaurant…but not here! Go all out, including on the little things in the accommodations, dining, and travel. Why have your great memories of each other, the beach, the big city, and the mountains, spoiled by memories of a crappy and stressful airplane ride, or smelly hotel room? Go all out for the person you just married!



            Another reason skimping on your honeymoon is unwise is that it will often mean sacrificing one partner’s desires to the others. That’s not a good way to start out your marriage! While there are financial and temporal limits to where you can go and what you can do in total, don’t cut out one partner’s ideas just to save money. If you can’t decide between two options, do your absolute best to do them both! This way, you’re starting things out on the right foot in your marriage by making each of you feel important and listened to, and acting on each other’s’ ideas in a combined way that satisfies you both. The alternative means one partner getting more of what they want than the other, and that can often lead to feelings of bitterness and resentment going forward. Avoid that trap early, by not skimping on your honeymoon: encompass both your ideas!


            You also want to make sure you can have the best experiences on your honeymoon possible, and those often cost money. We all like saying that the best things in life are free, and, there is a great deal of truth in that! Tender moments with your significant other, enjoyment of nature, sharing a laugh with a friend: all priceless, and don’t cost (at least directly) a single cent. But, the hard truth is that many great experiences do cost money. You need to pay to transport yourself to different interesting locations, you need a place to stay, you need to eat, and various tours and travel planning cost money well to get useful expertise from others. Why skimp on any of that, and miss out on fascinating sights and experiences? You could even risk having a poorly planned or even dangerous trip if you don’t book things with a reliable travel agent, who can guide you through the process of trip planning.


            In conclusion, there are plenty of reasons to not skimp on your honeymoon. Special occasions like that need to be done right; they’re unique, and you want happy and unique memories, not stress and dissatisfaction. Don’t sacrifice your time and money that could be spent celebrating your marriage with frivolous extras at your wedding. Don’t sacrifice each others’ happiness; incorporate each others’ ideas.   Keep these points in mind when planning your wedding and honeymoon. I wish you a wonderful marriage, and a wonderful start to that marriage! Happy honeymooning!

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