What every couple needs: R&R&R

 A little R&R&R

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Rest and Relax and Romance


This is what getting away for the honeymoon, the destination wedding or the romantic vacation with your spouse or significant other. While those are 3 simple words, rest, relax and romance…it is not so easy to detach from reality for everyone. This is something I recommend we do as couples on a regular basis if possible. This is taking date night up a notch and the reasons why are:


  1. Rest- Most of us works full time jobs and then some right? Spending 40 hours a week at work or more. After work we have house duties to tend to, kids. What about Weekends… what are yours filled with? Errands, volunteering, extracurricular activities, kids? We are always on the go. Our bodies need to rest. While we do get a good night’s sleep usually when we go to bed we still have work or kids on our minds and when we wake up …work or kids…..


While on vacation you are disconnected from your normal routine. You can rest. You don’t have to worry about tomorrow’s staff meeting or calling clients back. You can go to bed and not worry about what is on tomorrow’s agenda. This helps us to get an even better nights rest.


  1. Relax- or Recharge. Take the time on this vacation, honeymoon to relax and recharge YOU. Let your cares and worries go. Put your phone down. Especially when going away on your honeymoon or with your significant other…read a magazine or a book. A real book one with real pages. Make sure this is not a work related book …take time to let your mind relax and be more open. Take naps, take walks, look at nature and your surroundings. If playing golf, snorkeling, spa, or shopping relaxes you then do it. You deserve this. Your body needs this. Your brain and your soul need this. This is what keeps us going and helps us to be better in life.


  1. Romance- yes this is the 3rd R! And probably the most important. Now I’m not talking sappy romance either.  However, you go all out if you feel comfortable and this is a part of your relationship or its something you want to do .  However, Just planning this get away together is romantic. If it’s a honeymoon or a romantic getaway than make it just that. Be there and in the moment with your special someone. Play in the pools. Dance, sing, laugh, and flirt! Have the fun you had when you first started dating! Hold hands, plan a couples massage. This the time that you need as a couple. We get caught up in everyday life at home and while we may take time out for each other and do a date night or something like that a romantic trip will really help strengthen your relationship and help you to get to know each other all over again and the reasons you fell in love in the first place.



If you need a honeymoon or a romantic getaway please feel free to contact me, your Romance Travel Expert, so I can create a fabulous escape for you.

Shannon LeBlanc CRO (chief romance officer), Paradise Vacation Escapes

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3 Things You Need To Know About Travel Professionals. Especially me.

3 Things You Need To Know About Travel Professionals. Especially me.

Back in the day (not that I am that old wink wink)  travel agents were basically the only way people were able to book airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, and vacations.  Store front agencies were all over.  People would walk in, sit at the desk and tell the “agent” they want to go to (fill in the blank with your favorite destination).  Then the travel agent would get up and go to the “brochure rack” and  hand them to the client to look at. They would book airline tickets and PRINT them , call up Disney world or a Cruise line to book the reservations.  This was kind of like going to a “record” store and buying a new album.  Wow, have times changed.

Fast forward 25 years, the internet is here, there is an APP for everything.  There are people out there that have never heard of a travel agent!  There are people out there that do not realize the benefit and the value of using a travel professional.  I like to call them travel professionals or a travel consultant because we are more than an agent now! I’ll admit while this article pertains to most travel professionals this is truly about my personal passion for my job. Here are 3 things you may have not known about travel professionals.

1- Excitement…yes. They (well I am and most are) are just as excited about this trip as you are.  You are not just data that is being entered into a search engine.  You are a real person and we are so excited to make this dream trip come true for you.  Personally, the favorite part of my job is “when I meet with a client to go over documents before they leave.  I feel like I’m going on the trip too!”-Shannon

2 – Connections– I make it a point to create relationships with resort managers, vendors, suppliers and other agents.  I have access to information that is not available to the general public. What does this mean to you?  Better customer service, better knowledge of products and destinations from real people that can be passed along to you to make your trip even better.

3- Knowledge– I went to school for travel and tourism for 14 months.  I learned the ins and outs of the travel industry.  I continue my education by attending conferences, classes, seminars, and webinars on a regular basis.  Travel is a passion and I have knowledge and expertise that will guide you along your travels to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Now you know…. now you can help spread the word and make more people aware of how beneficial a travel professional is.  Share this with someone you know that is engaged, thinking of a destination wedding, wanting to plan a romantic getaway.  I would love to make their DREAM come true!  It’s my purpose and my passion!

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