DNDIY (do not do it yourself)

DNDIY (do not do it yourself)

In today’s age of DIY craze, pintrest and technology literally being at our fingertips there are still things in life that should be left to a professional. I watch those DIY shows on TV and for some reason when I try a room transformation in a day it takes a week!  Where is my edit button and fast motion button? 

We may not be as quick as the DIY shows but we still think we can do it.  We have access to the tools necessary.  Does that mean we should?   There are some people that can paint a room just as nice as a professional painter and there are those that are not meant to have a paint brush in their hands EVER. There are also those that could probably do some things themselves however they just don’t have the time to do it and know its in their best interest to hire a professional.

When do you hire a professional?

Here are six things that  you COULD do yourself but would be much better off hiring a professional.

1.Cutting your own hair!


2.Filing your own taxes!

Woman frightened by taxes

3.Making your own wedding cake

Young cooking struggling in kitchen

4. Change your own oil


5. Do your own electrical work

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6. Book your own honeymoon, vacation or destination wedding

bad hotel

Yes this is the one I want to talk about.  While there are great travel booking engines out there why would you want to use them when you could book your very important trip with a real live person.  Travel professionals make this process as easy for you as possible.  They make sure you get what you expect, unlike the picture above.  A vacation, honeymoon, destination wedding is something of great importance.  Do you really need to spend your valuable time doing all the planning when you could reach out to a professional to create the best experience possible? 

Maybe you can do it but that doesn’t mean you should…. call a professional and make getting there as easy as being there.