2 Great Reasons Why It’s Okay To Take  A Mommy & Daddy Trip

2 Great Reasons Why It’s Okay To Take A Mommy & Daddy Trip

2 Great Reasons Why It’s Okay To Take
 A Mommy & Daddy Trip   

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes mommy with the baby carriage…and everything changes! You go from being a couple to being a family. Then maybe another one comes along… and you are the typical family with 2.5 kids, the minivan, sleepless nights or just interrupted sleep, the family pet, the errands, the dinners, the soccer games, the doctors appointments, the school plays, the field trips, the never ending questions from 4 year old…should I go on?

The love and the attention that you give to your children is beyond measure and as loving parents we are more than happy to do for them, right? What else is happening to the couple you are still a part of while all of this (life) is going on? Oh yes… you are still a “couple”.

I am giving you permission to get a sitter, call the grandparents and get the hell out of that routine and take a trip as a couple.

I have 2  GREAT reasons why you MUST take Mommy and Daddy trips

1-     Reboot.

What happens when our phones and computers get stuck? What do we do? REBOOT! We get stuck in life, in the day to day errands and we get stuck in our relationship with our spouse. A great way to reboot the relationship is to reboot. Turn off all of those distractions and turn ON the relationship. An adult only trip with your spouse will put the distractions out of sight for a few days while you focus on each other again. You will come back and be refreshed allowing you to be better parents, better co-worker’s,etc

2-     Example.


What example do you want your kids to see? Do you want them to see the love you share for each other and that working ON your marriage is a priority? This something couples often forget about. Think about the example your parents set for you. Was it good or bad? I know my parents set an excellent example of two people remaining a couple even though they had four kids to tend to they always set aside time for each other. They did not have the luxury of traveling however they went out on dates, they danced in the living room, they wrote love letters to each other, they kept their focus on each other as a couple. Be the example of what type of relationship you want your children to have.

As a bonus for you I am also including in this article a permission slip for you …just have your child sign it and present this to your favorite travel consultant to begin the planning process of your trip to paradise. (wink wink)