Man up 3 Reasons Why The Groom Needs To Plan The Honeymoon

Many couples do not realize that the honeymoon is actually a part of the wedding.  The honeymoon needs to be included in the planning just like the engagement party, rehearsal dinner and all of the components of the wedding.
The entire planning process can be a bit overwhelming.  Brides today have access to so many options for planning.  Their brains are working overtime.  Most have had an image in mind of what they want the wedding to be like since she was three years old.  Today’s bride is checking out every magazine, website, Pinterest, Instagram and anything wedding related in every spare moment.  She has it right there at her fingertips.  Grooms what are you doing?  Are you smiling and nodding?  Are you actively helping with the details?
Traditionally it is the groom’s job to plan the honeymoon.  Somewhere in time, the busy bride has taken over this task. This is time for grooms to man up, take charge and plan the honeymoon.  Plan the best romantic honeymoon of her dreams.
Here are 3 reasons why you should:
You know that wedding planning is time consuming and along with school and/or work your bride is planning a wedding or talking with a wedding consultant about the planning.  Show her that you care and you want to plan the honeymoon on your own.  You will assure her that you know what you are doing because you care enough to hire a travel consultant to guide you through the process.  You will talk with her and find out her wants, needs and priorities.  This gesture will go a long way in showing what kind of husband you will be.  She may say no.  This is one time where you should insist on taking on this duty.  Let her know you will confide in her throughout the entire process. Show her that you can and will handle the honeymoon.
A happy bride is a happy groom.  You know she is stressed.  She is trying to please everyone during this entire process.  Manning up and taking this task off her to do list will ease the stress.  Get involved immediately in planning this part.  You initiate the questions about the honeymoon.  Listen to her dreams and pay attention to the details of what she is wanting.  She is going to want to talk about this and by you showing that you care and want to be involved will help relieve her stress.  She will thank you.  She will have more confidence in you as her future husband.
 Planning an unforgettable dream come true honeymoon will make you the best husband ever!  You know what those brownie points can get you! You know you will be doing something special for her.  Being in love and doing something for the one you love is one of the best feelings in the world.  She will be a happy bride.  She will be able to enjoy the honeymoon even more knowing you planned it.  She will brag to her friends and you will be in the #besthusbandevercategory. This is just the beginning of how you will show your love and devotion to her and your marriage.
Remember, you do not have to do the planning on your own.  Seek the advice of a trusted travel consultant that specializes in honeymoons.  Let them know you are doing the planning.  A professional travel consultant will ask the right questions for both you and your bride.  The travel consultant will guide you and plan the honeymoon of your dreams and make you look like the knight and shining armor that your bride thinks you are.
You got her to say yes to the ring, now get her to say yes to the honeymoon.
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