Missing Out On a Honeymoon

One of the joys of getting married is knowing you are going on a honeymoon. However, many couples skip the honeymoon for various reasons and later regret it. There are 3 main reasons couples skip their honeymoon.
1. Budget
Couples often time will over budget for the wedding and end up with not enough for the honeymoon. Couples need to prioritize before planning anything involved with the wedding including the honeymoon. The honeymoon is a component of the wedding. Is your priority the wedding, the décor, the cake, the photographer, the band? I could go on, right? Make a list of everything you are going to spend money on for your wedding from the bouquet to the honeymoon. Then go through the list and prioritize the list. This is where you will want to spend your money and budget accordingly.

If funds are tight and you are truly doing the simplest wedding because you love each other and will not take a honeymoon, then fear not, there is a solution to you missing out on your honeymoon as you read further in this article.

2. Time
Time is so valuable and the society we live in today is so rushed and very work oriented. We think we are unable to miss work or miss out on work. Employers and Self-employers need to realize the opposite is true. Valuing our time, prioritizing and working smarter is the key to working. Realizing if you take time off to enjoy life and loved ones we would all be more beneficial in the workforce. Down time allows us to relax and let ideas flow to us. Time is precious and you do not get it back.

There are valid reasons for missing a honeymoon because of time. Maybe one or both of the couple has military obligations, just starting a new job or some other valid reason. Again, keep reading, you will find your solution and hopefully come to realize how precious time with loved ones really is.

3. Fear
Fear stops people from doing so many things. One is travel. Our world is not as safe as it once was and that is a reality that we must not let bind us. Fear of terrorism, fear of diseases, fear of flying, and fear of the unknown keep people from experiencing this beautiful world we live in. People avoid going on honeymoons for these fears and also because the fear of booking something so important can be overwhelming and they just let go and miss out on their honeymoon. For those couples who missed their honeymoon due to fear and have overcome whatever fear it was there is a solution for you too!

You miss it. You missed the honeymoon. You missed the fun, the intimacy and the experience of traveling together as a newlywed. Years later you realize you missed out on an incredible occasion to celebrate your love for each other. You can take what is now called a “Honeyversary©”. A Honeyversary© is for those couples that neglected their honeymoon for whatever reason.

The couples that are 1-10 years in their marriage and realize something is missing. The spark is a little dull maybe. There are kids involved now possibly. The date nights are few and far between. Maybe you have forgotten what it is like to be a couple. The answer is the Honeyversary©. A honeymoon on your anniversary!

You treat a Honeyversary© just as you would a honeymoon. You celebrate your love! You experience new things together. You become a couple again. A Honeyversary© can be as good or even better than marriage therapy!

Maybe you are a couple that DID take a honeymoon however you it was not what you really wanted. You can have a do-over! Maybe you are a couple that has lost their connection then you can take a Honeyversary© also!

Honeyversaries ©are the new trend.

Call your professional travel consultant to plan your Honeyversary©!