(that I learned from my parents)
They met in 1968 when they were 17 and 19.  They lived in different towns 18 miles apart and neither had a car.  There were no cell phones, in fact, phone calls for them had long distance charges.  The relationship from the start was not easy like they can be in today’s standards.  They married, bought a home and had four children.  Through the years, they had job loss, accidents and numerous challenges that most couples do.  2016 they celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary.  They normally celebrate by going out to dinner lately, however, this year they celebrated at home.  Mom came home on their anniversary from having open heart surgery and being hospitalized for one week.  The night before her surgery they fell asleep holding hands.  Dad in the recliner and Mom in the bed.
The love they have is deep it is a true lasting love.  They are each other’s first real love and they will be each other’s eternal love.
The lessons I have learned from them are forever imprinted on my heart and I will treasure forever.  As I see couples plan trips together for the first time or 50th time I always hope and wish for them to have true lasting love.

1.Unconditional love


Unconditional – love without conditions.    Seeing the beauty in each other through the flaws is the beauty of a relationship.  No one is perfect.  See your spouse for the love they really are.  They will age, they will change however their heart will stay the same.  Always see them through the eyes of love.  See the love they have in their heart even when they are saying or doing things that may not reflect that.  You know there is love in them.  See that, feel that and connect with that.

2.Work ON your relationship

Take time to work ON your relationship and don’t just be in the relationship.   Spend time alone with each other.  Have date nights, go on a trip with just the 2 of you.  Give yourself permission to be a couple throughout your marriage.  There are marriage programs available through churches, there are relationship experts and books all about this.  Your relationship does not have to be in danger to work on the relationship.  This can be fun and done effortlessly.  You can make it game.  This is something that will add life and longevity to your relationship.

3.Laugh Together

Life is much too short to be unhappy.  We are put on this earth to live in joy.  There are going to be times in your relationships.  There are going to be disagreements.  There are going to be rushed times where you may just see each other briefly see each other in the day.  There are going to be serious conversations.   Allow JOY to be in your relationship.  Have fun.  Do not take things too seriously.  Tell a joke.  Remember the things that would make your partner laugh out loud when you were first together.  Bring up a funny memory.  Make a new funny memory.


Kissing is an important part of a marriage or partnership.  Kissing according to Sheril Kirshenbaum, Special to CNN: Lip contact involves five of our 12 cranial nerves as we engage all of our senses to learn more about a partner. Electric impulses bounce between the brain, lips, tongue and skin, which can lead to the feeling of being on a natural “high” because of a potent cocktail of chemical messengers involved. Pucker up.  Kiss each other every morning, every time you leave each other for work or for a trip and Kiss each other good night.