3 Reasons Why Traveling Together is Beneficial For Your Relationship

3 Reasons Why Traveling Together is Beneficial For Your Relationship

1678160Did you know, per the U.S. Travel Association Almost two-thirds of couples surveyed found that a vacation is more likely to spark romance in their relationship than a gift.


Seventy-two percent of the 1,100 American adults surveyed said that travelling inspires their romance.


More than three-quarters – 77 percent – of those who travel as couples reported that they have a good sex life.

As couples, we tend to get complacent in our daily routines.  We get comfortable in how we see ourselves and each other.  We unknowingly start taking our partner for granted.  This is not necessarily done in a bad way. We do this subconsciously, just as we take for granted the beautiful blue sky outside.  After seeing something repeatedly people tend to this with each other as well.   Therefore, traveling together as a couple does serve your relationship intimately if you are newly married or married for 60 years.

Here are 3 reasons why traveling together is beneficial for your relationship.

  1. Creates a Newness

When you travel to place or even a new resort in a familiar destination you create an energy of excitement.  People get excited when they are in a new setting and see new, beautiful things.  That enthusiasm is contagious and you want to share the pleasure with each other.

Being in a new destination, seeing new places of interest, trying new foods, part taking in new adventures and doing this together as a couple helps couples to see each other in a new way.  Or maybe an old way?  The old way being like when you first met and had those butterflies.  New places create an environment that lets us relax and enjoy the moment.

  1. Allows you to focus

Traveling away from home, work, family, friends, kids and any other added distractions that take you away from focusing on each other will permit you to fully focus on your partner.  Disruptions are very limited.  If you allow yourself to put away your cell phone, then the attention is even better.  With greater focus comes, even more, relationship growth without even having to put forth a lot of effort.  The growth happens organically because you are not distracted.

  1. Brings back memories

Being in a new place on a vacation or a honeymoon allows you to start relaxing.  Relaxing and just being together as a couple will create new memories, however, it will also allow you to cherish the memories you have already created.  Even as far back to your first kiss.


Live in the moment on the trip, cherish your past and celebrate your future!