An Interview with Santa Claus

meandsantaI love talking with couples that have been together for a long time to see what their magic is for a long relationship.  I called in a favor with my friend Santa Claus.  I was recently able to get in touch with him while he was on a break from making toys and checking lists to ask him about romance travel and so much more.


Here is part 1 of my 3-part interview with Santa Claus:


Shannon:  Santa, how long have you and Mrs. Claus been married?

Santa:  I must admit, too many years for me to remember.  We’ve been around a very long time and being together is always happy so I have lost track of time.  I’m sure she could tell the exact number of years, days, hours and minutes.  To me when you are in love, time does not matter.


Shannon:  What do you think the secret to happy marriage is?

Santa: (rubbing his white beard) That is a difficult question and one that I am often asked.  I must say that I think the secret is to look at your spouse from the heart when things are getting tough.  Believe in your spouse, honor them and cherish them.  Remember over time that people change, allow them to change, be accepting and always be loving.  When things get tough remember why you fell in love, go back to the basics. Hold their hand, write a short little love note, take a walk, reminisce on the happy times together.  Find ways to spend quality time together.  Kiss and laugh often!  Ho Ho Ho!


Shannon:  Where did you and Mrs. Claus go on your honeymoon?

Santa: (chuckles) Well, I can tell you we were not lucky enough to go to one of those fancy over the water bungalows in Bora Bora or a nice all-inclusive resort down in the Caribbean. No, they didn’t have those fancy resorts around when we took our honeymoon.  I’ll tell you what we did do.  We had a nice simple wedding and then we did honeymoon.  We did take the sleigh and had the reindeers drop us off on a nice little tropical island.  We definitely wanted to go somewhere that was warm.  We had a private villa, staff and the ocean all to ourselves for an entire week.  Oh, we had the time of our lives.  We swam, napped in the afternoons, ate, drank and were merry! It was a very special time because we knew it was the first few days of our marriage.  We knew we would be together forever and forever is a long time for the Claus’s (hohoho).  Time away after our wedding was very important and it was timely because it was right before we had to get back to making toys!  So, I could return to work relaxed and ready.


Shannon:  What is your definition of romance?

Santa: (peering over his glasses) I can tell you what it is not first.  Romance is not a fairytale story.  I know, they make so many movies about love and romance and they lived happily ever after.  Well, I have rose colored glasses but I know its not all about that.  I know we fight and we disappoint each other’s and ourselves sometimes.  So while those movies and books can make you swoon, that is for entertainment.  Real romance is real love.  Romance is keeping your love for each other alive on a daily basis.  Kissing each other in the morning, doing one little special thing for the other one just because.  Romance is thoughtfulness in not just big ways but small ways too.  Romance is pure love and not just with each other but showing love to all those around us.  Being love helps you to be in love.  Romance is excitement for each other, romance is laughter.  Romance is wanting nothing but the best for the one that you love.  Yes, yes,(nodding) that is what romance means to me.



Stay tuned for part 2, next week….as Santa (the real world traveler) gives us his insight on his top 3 romantic destinations!