How Engaged Are You?


Are you engaged?

I do not mean did you just get a diamond ring given to you by your significant other while they were down on one knee.  I mean are you really engaged with the person that you love?


When couples first get engaged there is such an exhilarating and emotional state of the relationship.  There are butterflies of excitement, there are new conversations, new thoughts and new feelings that all come up once a couple becomes engaged to be married.   You spend time together in a different way.  You know you are going to be spending the rest of your life with this person.  You get closer, ask deeper questions, find out even more about each other, you engage with each other on a more personal level.


What level of engagement are you at with your fiancé?  Are you at a higher level of presence in your relationship like when you first got engaged?  Will you continue to stay at this higher level of engagement during your time together?

A higher level of engagement is when you are focusing on your fiancé and more giving of yourself to your fiancé.  A higher level of engagement is when you are immersed in your relationship and the planning of your marriage.  You are mindful and fully aware that your relationship is a priority.

You never become “disengaged” or Unengaged (unless you break up) as a couple.  The engagement lasts if the two of you are together as a couple, forever.  Yes, you move on to becoming married, but you stay engaged as a couple.  It is your choice as to which level of engagement your relationship will be.  It is your choice each day in your relationship.  Yes, the level will fluctuate over the years and during time.   The more aware and engaged you are as a couple the greater your bond will be.

If you are newly engaged, are you focusing on the building of your relationship just as much as the planning of the wedding?


How engaged are you or will you be when your 1 year,5 years, or 10 year to 60-year anniversary comes around?  Will you still be engaged at the level of love, excitement, joy that you are the day the ring is placed on your finger?  Will it be more or will it be less?  Will you still have the butterflies?  Butterflies or the excitement for your relationship and for the other person will stay and will strengthen over time if you stay engaged at this higher level on a regular basis with each other.

Be engaging in the moments you spend together.  Engage in meaningful conversations with each other.  Engage in the things that you want meaning from in your relationship. Engage with intent, energy, excitement and enthusiasm.  Be fully engaged with your spouse and they will more than likely reciprocate.    We all get busy in our day-to-day routines.  We lose the zest of our relationships by getting caught up in ourselves, our business, our friends, our families and our children.  Put the cell phone and the tablets way!  Take date nights as often as you can.  Take a romantic trip together at least once a year.  Dance in the kitchen together while dinner is cooking.  Kiss each other as often as possible.  Hold hands.  Smile at each other.  Stay playful.


Stay engaged to keep your relationship going at a high level and to stay engaged forever.



Contact Shannon, the romance travel expert at Paradise Vacation Escapes to plan a honeymoon or trip for you and your loved one so that you can stay engaged with each other.  Shannon’s email is, phone is 225-303-2240.

Top 3 2017 Romance Travel Trends

Our world has gotten smaller.  Thanks to technology we can get to places faster, easier and much more comfortable than we did 20 years ago.  Vacations to the islands and Europe are still on the list of trendy vacations, however, what is popular in the up-to-date travel trends, especially for romance travel are more extended and immersed vacations.  Couples are looking for some place different to experience.  Thailand, Australia, and Dubai are not as exotic as they once used to be.  Honeymooners have discovered that they may want to invest more in their travel together than the wedding budget so places like Bali and Tahiti are falling in with the new trends as well as what is listed below.

Wonderful new trends are happening to give couples, even more, ways to experience life and love together.  I have 3 of 2017 top Romance travel trends and I am excited to share with you so you can start planning a new adventure for a honeymoon, anniversary or a romantic escape for this year.


  1. Take A Safari
  2. safaricouple

Sunrises and sunset skies are magnificent in the Africa.  Gone are the days of roughing it on a safari now you can stay in luxury camps or an elegant villa.  Enjoy private guides for two.  Seclusion at its finest all among nature as you have never seen it.  Dining is gourmet and exquisite cuisine and fine wines are of abundance in Africa.

  1. Food Romancepastamaking

The love for food for some is almost equal to the love for each other in some cases.  Enjoy a vacation completely centered around gourmet exclusive adventures.  Spend the day in the home of a kitchen in Italy learning to cook authentic Italian cuisine from a real Italian native.   Spend the evening on a wine tour in Napa.  Many hotels now around the country offer cooking classes.  Food is a great way to share your passion and love with each other.


  1. Cruising in Eleganceelegantdiningcouplerivercruise

River cruising is much more different than ocean cruising.  The ships are smaller, the staff is trained to a higher level of service.  River cruises are a more luxurious way to cruise together as a couple in a much more intimate setting.  Guests occupancy vary from 100- 200 passengers. The cabins are larger and much more comfortable. While river cruising has normally been geared toward retired couples and baby boomers, the newer generations (gen Xers and millennials) are drawn to the unique port of calls, the excursions (that are mostly included in the price), the fine dining options, and wine being included on the sailings.


Appealing?  Want to plan a romantic different trip for 2017?  I would love to make this happen for you.  Contact me via email, call me at 225-303-2240 so we can schedule a time to meet over coffee or a glass of wine to talk about you traveling together in love 2017.