26 Ways To Improve Your Honeymoon



1. Hire travel professional to plan it

2. Upgrade your room- you only honeymoon once go for the best

3. Buy a honeymoon gift for your fiancé

4. Plan a couple’s massage

5. Do one excursion together that you have never done before (ex. Zipline, skydiving)

6. Write a hand-written love letter to each other at the end and read on the plane ride home

7. Go off the grid. Lock your phones in the in-room safe!

8. Schedule a private driver or limo to bring you to and from the resort

9. Choose the destination that is right for you and your fiancé, not the destination your BFF went to or your co-worker said you should go to.

10. Plan a scavenger hunt for the trip

11. Take turns choosing one activity per day.

12. Invite another couple that you meet for drinks

13. Do not leave the day after your wedding

14. Have one day with no plans at all

15. Order room service

16. Plan a surprise

17. Arrange to have the house cleaned while you are away

18. Start a honeymoon registry/fund

19. Arrive home one full day before you return to work

20. Make a playlist ahead of time

21. Bring a camera (not your phone)

22. Be romantic

23. Play a board game (some hotels and resorts keep them around for rainy days)

24. Read a book to each other

25. Sexy lingerie

26. Have an honest discussion with each other about honeymoon expectations

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