Honeymoon for foodies

Food can be very romantic and sexy.  Dinner and ambiance create a setting for two people to connect on deeper levels.  Enjoying a leisure meal together watching a sunset with candle lights flickering set the mood for the night.  Taste buds dance as you share a bite by feeding each other.   Eye contact is made more during a special dinner than normal conversations.  Maybe there is slight brush of her foot on his leg under the table.  Spirits are sipped, laughter is shared as you decide to share dessert or maybe even get it to go.   This can happen on any given night at any given restaurant or home.   The power of a romantic dinner is un-measurable.  The power of a romantic dinner on your honeymoon for the next 5-10 nights is on an entirely different level.

Romantic dinner

A new trend in honeymooning is traveling for the love of food.  Couples that have a love for culinary art and enjoy exquisite cuisine then food is a priority for your honeymoon. Below are 3 places to visit for a gourmet honeymoon.

Below are 3 places to visit for a gourmet honeymoon.

  1. Italy

What is not romantic about Italy?  The language is sexy, the cities are exotic and romantic. Love is everywhere in this country.  The landscape is stunning, the music is soft and gentle, the people are welcoming and then there is the food.  The food is enchanting.  There are numerous places to visit in Italy and partake in the culture and the food. Alice of See Italy Tours gave us her insight “Emilia Romagna region. This is the area known as the heart of Italian Food, where it is possible to taste the best hand made tortellini, do a market tour in Bologna, see how Parmigiano Reggiano is made, taste the famous culatello, visit a balsamic vinegar producer and do a vertical tasting at the end of the visit. A cooking class in this region is a unique experience that is not to be missed!” 

2.  Mexico

Mexican cuisine is more than just tacos.  Mexico is about flavor, sizzle and spice.  Mix in a tequila tasting and the sizzle sparks the romance.  The Riviera Maya has offerings to the honeymoon couple that has expert taste buds by having gourmet all inclusive resorts.  Enjoy the ease of all inclusive , the luxury resorts, the amenities, the beach and the fine cuisine at a several resorts in the area.   One resort in the Riviera Maya hasa Michelin-starred chef’s restaurant.  Another resort line is pegged with their tag line “gourmet inclusive.”

3.  Hawaii

The mountains, the beach, the volcanoes, the lush tropical flowers filling the air with sweet aroma is a classic honeymoon retreat.  The flair of Hawaiian culture reflects in their love cooking.   The dynamic of food here is compelling.  From having fun with local food trucks, dining at restaurants with Japanese influence and participating in a traditional luau couples are sure to relish in the romance here.  Island hopping, food tasting, luxury resorts, beach relaxing, all make for a honeymoon to remember.

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He proposed.
She said yes.
Now What?

  • You immediately change your Facebook status to ENGAGED
  • You make an appointment for a manicure
  • You start the Pinterest and Etsy search for all things wedding.
  • You schedule shopping dates with your besties

Your mind races on all of the tasks that need to be done.  How will it get done?  Who is going to do it? When will it get done?  Meanwhile, everyday work, school, and daily life obligation are still happening.

How do you keep calm, stay a blissful bride and have a happy engagement?

Here are 3 practices for your engagement to stay stress-free.

1. Plan a no wedding time zone.

When you see each other spend at least one hour talking with each other about NON-wedding related topics.  If you can go more than an hour that is even better.  If you live together, make a time slot, for example from 6 pm -8 pm a no wedding talk zone.  Too often during engagements, the only topic discussed is the wedding.  Avoid this to save and enjoy your engagement.

2. Have Fun

Remind yourself and each other that a wedding is an occasion and is meant to be a fun celebration.  Relax on the planning.  If it becomes too stressful hire a planner so that you can be in the state of bliss that a bride should be in.

3. Enthusiasm and Excitement about the Marriage

When you focus on the marriage and the person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with the details of the wedding won’t matter.  When your focus in on the marriage the other details will fall into place effortlessly.  Your heart is centered on the truth, your heart is focused on love and things seem to work out when you are in a state of bliss and joy.

Remember to enjoy the engagement to each other. Let the engagement last.  Savor the time with each other at this stepping point in your relationship. Engaged is temporary. Marriage is permanent. Be ENGAGED with each other, dream of your future together as you stay present in the engagement time and each other’s hearts.

How Engaged Are You?

Are you engaged?

I do not mean did you just get a diamond ring given to you from your significant other while they were down on one knee.  I mean are you really engaged with the person that you love?

When couples first get engaged there is such an exhilarating and emotional state of the relationship.  There are butterflies of excitement, there are new conversations, new thoughts and new feelings that all come up once a couple becomes engaged to be married.   You spend time together in a different way.  You know you are going to be spending the rest of your life with this person.  You get closer, ask deeper questions, find out even more about each other, you engage with each other on a more personal level.

What level of engagement are you at with your fiancé?  Are you at a higher level of presence in your relationship like when you first got engaged?  Will you continue to stay at this higher level of engagement during your time together?
A higher level of engagement is when you are focusing on your fiancé and more giving of yourself to your fiancé.  A higher level of engagement is when you are immersed in your relationship and the planning of your marriage.  You are mindful and fully aware that your relationship is a priority.
You never become “disengaged” or Unengaged (unless you break up) as a couple.  The engagement lasts if the two of you are together as a couple, forever.  Yes, you move on to becoming married, but you stay engaged as a couple.  It is your choice as to which level of engagement your relationship will be.  It is your choice each day in your relationship.  Yes, the level will fluctuate over the years and during the time.   The more aware and engaged you are as a couple the greater your bond will be. 
If you are newly engaged, are you focusing on the building of your relationship just as much as the planning of the wedding?

How engaged are you or will you be when your 1 year, 5- year, or 10 years- 60-year anniversary comes around?  Will you still be engaged at the level of love, excitement, joy that you are the day the ring is placed on your finger?  Will it be more or will it be less?  Will you still have the butterflies?  Butterflies or the excitement for your relationship and for the other person will stay and will strengthen over time if you stay engaged at this higher level on a regular basis with each other.   Be engaging in the moments you spend together.  Engage in meaningful conversations with each other.  Engage in the things that you want meaning from in your relationship. Engage with intent, energy, excitement and enthusiasm.  Be fully engaged with your spouse and they will more than likely reciprocate.    We all get busy in our day to day routines.  We lose the zest of our relationships by getting caught up in ourselves, our business, our friends, our families and our children.  Put the cell phone and the tablets way!  Take date nights as often as you can.  Take a romantic trip together at least once a year.  Dance in the kitchen together while dinner is cooking.  Kiss each other as often as possible.  Hold hands.  Smile at each other.  Stay playful. 

Stay engaged to keep your relationship going at a high level.

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Immersion travel is an opportunity for you to experience a destination and a culture as a local. You can get closer to the reality of their lives and their nature. You can experience the lifestyle, the language, the food, the fellowship and more of a culture. You can do this through helping on a farm, at a market, sharing a meal, attending school, volunteering in other areas of need. There are many ways and many opportunities to do this sort of immersion travel. You can make it as much or as little of your vacation as you wish. You can spend days, or an afternoon immersed in the culture of the destination you are visiting.

There are many ways to explore with immersion travel and while one way is the newly popular AirBnB allowing you to stay in someone’s home and while AirBnb may seem like a cool and trendy thing to do, there may be some caution to heed when doing this because of the lack of governing on this it could lead to unsafe and unpleasant travels. There are many other ways to take part in immersion travel safely and pleasantly.  Many travel professionals have contacts with companies that are licensed and insured and still provide authentic immersion experiences. 

Experiences like traveling to a local school and reading books to the children in the classes in Jamaica, visiting with a local family and making homemade pasta in there quaint Tuscan home then enjoying the finished product with them for dinner or enjoy a private spiritual moment with a Thai mon in Thailand.

There are many more immersion experiences available and what makes them so special is that they are unique and custom designed. What could be more romantic on a honeymoon or anniversary celebration than to spend a day or two immersed in a new culture, taking a private dancing lesson and then doing the salsa with locals til the wee hours of the night?

What will you immerse yourself in for 2019?
For an immersion style honeymoon, anniversary celebration or couple getaway be sure and contact me, your trusted travel professional to plan the details to make sure you get the right amount of immersion and a big dash of romance!Shannon 225-303-2240