Do You Really Want To Go There?

Do You Really Want To Go There?

How to know if the trip is right for you!

Information overload is a real thing in the world today.  There is a Youtube video for how to grow garbanzo beans to how to decorate an upside-down Christmas tree.  The internet is a very great tool for doing research. 

There are review sites for hotels, restaurants, doctors and boutiques.   Then you can make a casual post on facebook asking “where should I go on vacation?” And get the opinions of 30 different friends telling you what you must and must not do because they either loved it or hated it.

Now you have reviews to review and opinions and websites links that Aunt Gladys sent over to check out.  This is can lead to information overload and this can lead to mass confusion. 

Who is writing these reviews?  Is it someone who really knows what YOU like? There are times when bogus people are writing bad reviews and good reviews.  Read reviews closely.  What is a nice hotel to one person may not be a nice hotel to another? The term “nice hotel” is relative especially, when all you know is the place that leaves the light on for you.

When asking friends for their input, tread lightly.  Do they really know your likes and dislikes? Do they really know that you are a bed snob and the priority is a comfortable bed?  Our friends think they know us and we think we know our friends taste.  One resort or destination does not fit all.   One person may love 7 days on a cruise and give rave reviews on why you have to cruise.  You get on board the ship and realize the schedules of Bingo, Karoake by the pool, and small cabin rooms are not your cup of tea. For the next 1,2,3,4,5,6, —- 7 DAYS!!!

Here is a list of questions to ask each other when deciding on what you really want in this experience.

  • Is this a place you would choose with your partner (together)?
  • Do you both desire to go here? (Not I will go if he or she wants to.)  
  • Are you both interested in what the destination has to offer? 
  • Are there more than 3 things at the resort or destination that you like or want to see? 
  • Have either of you been there before?
  • What did we like in the past about our vacations?
  • What did we dislike?
  • What is the top 3 non-negotiables about this trip?
  • Is this a relaxing vacation?
  • Is this an activity filled vacation?
  • Will we stick to a schedule?
  • Do we want tours included?
  • What have we always wanted to do but haven’t yet?
  • How much time do we really have for this vacation?
  • How much money do we really have for this vacation?
  • Are we open to new culture?
  • Do we want to go to a new country?
  • How do we want to feel when we get there?
  • How do we want to feel when we leave?
  • What view do we want to see?
  • What type of service do we want?
  • What do we want to avoid?
  • What type of food are we expecting?

This list could go on and this is something you need to have a conversation about with the person you are going on the trip with, not your colleagues, not your best friend, not your Facebook friends and not the people reviewing the properties.  Do the research.  Look at the websites.  Then consult with a travel professional and go over the list of questions again.  Get an unbiased and educated opinion and come up with the decision of where you should really go by doing your research.  Remember the internet is for looking; travel professional is for booking. 

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