When was the last time you were mooned?

Honeymoons are very important in a couple’s life starting off as newlyweds. In fact, according to Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon, two researchers at Emory University , couples that skip out on their honeymoon are at a 59% higher risk of getting a divorce. 

Honeymoons are taking on many different faces and roles throughout couple’s lives. Honeymoons are not just for the young ones getting married for the first time. There are many varieties of honeymoons.
Below are 10 types of honeymoons and their explanations. 


Traditionally the honeymoon is taken after the couple has exchanged nuptials. The trip is designed for couples to enjoy their first few days as husband and wife.


 So, you can’t go on a honeymoon directly after your wedding. Take a latermoon. You have school to finish, you have a house still being built, you have a new job you just started. There are often that you have a valid reason not to be able to travel right after the wedding. In this case postponing the honeymoon to a latermoon is acceptable if it is taken with 6-9 months of the wedding.


An exciting time in a couple’s life is adding to the family. A babymoon is growing in popularity among couples expecting a new baby. This is their last time to travel without having to worry about a child being left behind. You will never vacation as a couple the same once the baby arrives!  You may have an adult getaway, however, you will have to line up a sitter, call and check on them and have the new added responsibilities of being a parent. Couples usually go on a babymoon in the 4th or 5th month of pregnancy. 


Marriages are typically the joining of two people, however, there are times when it’s more than just husband and wife coming together. Often both he and she have their own children possibly from previous marriages, so what better way to join the entire family together through a familymoon. After the wedding, the couple takes their traditional honeymoon and then within 2-3 months have a familymoon. Celebrating the joining of 2 families. This is something the Brady bunch would have done or similar to the Adam Sandler movie, Blended did. 


This is becoming very popular with Millennials. Couples will jet off to a paradise of their choosing after the wedding as normal. They enjoy 2-3 days of romantic bliss with just the 2 of them and then 3- 4 of their couple friends join them for the next 4-5 days on the friendmoon. There are also couples that have been living together already, maybe on their 3rd or 4th marriage and want to invite friends along for the duration of the trip. Celebrating their marriage in a paradise with lots of friends is their choice. 


Like a destination wedding, the wedding moon is when the couple gets married at a resort destination and then honeymoons at that location after the wedding.


This one is for the MOB, FOB, MOG and FOG! The parents of the engaged couple that are putting forth efforts in planning the wedding. The parents that have raised 2 beautiful, competent, successful children and are ready to celebrate their own marriage and the marriage of their children. After the newlywed couple is off on their honeymoon, the parents will then take a deep breath and depart on their Parentmoon to relax, rejuvenate and celebrate!

8.Honeymoon 2.0

This is it! This is your DO OVER! This honeymoon is for those of you that did not have the ideal honeymoon that you so deserved when you were in your 20’s. Now you are still together after all of these years. You may have seen several couple friends go through divorce, but yu held it together. You are still loving and living! Generally, in your forties, financially able to get the honeymoon you always dreamed of, kids are old enough to leave on their own without constant supervision. You are still youthful enough to enjoy all the activities on this dream honeymoon inside and outside of the bedroom.


The bucket list trip. You have put your time in at work. You have put your time in raising the kids. It is your time now. Yes, you may be more mature, but you are full of life and have a zest for travel. You now have the time, the funds and you still have the wanderlust. Grab the hand of your loved one… enjoy the retiremoon!


If you are looking for an excuse to get away with your spouse, take an anymoon. Treat every trip as if it was your honeymoon. Hold hands, get a couple’s massage, do a private candlelight dinner, sleep in, order room service, laugh, play and fall in love over and over again! Take time to get away on anniversaries or for any reason what so ever to celebrate your love!  



He proposed.

She said yes.
Now What?
1.     You immediately change your Facebook status to ENGAGED
2.     You make an appointment for a manicure
3.     You start the Pinterest and Etsy search for all things wedding.
4.     You schedule shopping dates with your besties
Your mind races on all of the tasks that need to be done. How will it get done? Who is going to do it? When will it get done? Meanwhile, everyday work, school, and daily life obligation are still happening.
How do you keep calm, stay a blissful bride and have a happy engagement?
Here are 3 practices for your engagement to stay stress-free.
1.     Plan a no wedding time zone.
When you see each other spend at least one hour talking with each other about NON-wedding related topics. If you can go more than an hour that is even better. If you live together make a time slot, for example from 6pm -8pm a no wedding talk zone. Too often during engagements, the only topic discussed is the wedding. Avoid this to save and enjoy your engagement.
2.     Have Fun
Remind yourself and each other that a wedding is an occasion and is meant to be a fun celebration. Relax on the planning. If it becomes too stressful hire a planner so that you can be in the state of bliss that a bride should be in.
3.     Enthusiasm and Excitement about the Wedding
When you focus on the marriage and the person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with the details of the wedding won’t matter. When your focus in on the marriage the other details will fall into place effortlessly. Your heart is centered on the truth, your heart is focused on love and things seem to work out when you are in a state of bliss and joy.
Remember to enjoy the engagement to each other. Let the engagement last. Savor the time with each other at this stepping point in your relationship.
Engaged is temporary.
Marriage is permanent.
Be ENGAGED with each other, dream of your future together as you stay present in the engagement time and each other’s hearts.
7 Secrets To A Sizzlin Honeymoon

7 Secrets To A Sizzlin Honeymoon


  1. Do Not leave the very next day after your wedding.

This is for those of you that are planning a honeymoon.  Most couples are so excited to go they want to leave the very next day on the first flight out.  This is usually a 6am flight.  This means you have to be at the airport for 4am.  This means waking up around 3am.  You get the picture …. You have a late night and then a very very early morning. I know how excited couples are to go as soon as possible but traveling can be exhausting.  You do not want to arrive at your paradise completely drained.  And if there are unexpected delays the day gets even longer and you get even more tired and cranky.   So relax.  Spend the first night at a hotel in a nearby city.  Sleep in … order room service and leave the following day.  You’ll be rested and in a much better mood to travel.  You’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for any and all honeymoon festivities.


  1. Stay focused on the marriage and not the wedding.

The moment the ring is on the finger the real planning starts.  The bride puts in endless hours of shopping, attending bridal shows, planning, discussing, researching, interviewing, cake sampling, phone calls, pintresting (is that a word?), Facebooking (another new word for the urban dictionary).  Some young ladies even start a dieting and working out just so everything will be just perfect for the wedding and the reception after.  So hours upon hours, day after day, month after month the time is filled with the planning of the wedding.  The day arrives, anticipation has built up, energy is building to that moment.  The moment when she walks down the aisle and he sees her.  They say “I do”.   They kiss.  The celebration starts with family and friends for a couple of hours after.  Then the wedding is over.

According to Bride magazine, most engagements and the planning of the wedding last for 18 months.  That is a considerable amount of time spent in planning a wedding.  Remember this is also a time to focus on each other and the upcoming marriage, not the upcoming wedding.  The wedding is one day.  The marriage is forever, right?

Enjoy the engagement.  By doing this keeps things light and not all business for the wedding.  Then when it is time for the honeymoon you know you can really play laugh and have fun and not wonder what to talk about since the wedding planning is all over.  One tip I give to engaged couples is at least 1 night a week there should be no talk of the wedding.  Only speak to each other about the future together.  Share your hopes, dreams, and visions that you have as a couple.


  1. Have an open mind

This is a new experience for both of you as husband and wife.  Maybe you have traveled together as a couple, however, this is the first time traveling together as a married couple.  This trip may also be your first time together in a new country.  You want your honeymoon to memorable in a good way.  Keeping an open mind about things that may happen unexpectedly will keep things humorous and avoid unhappy feelings and memories.  For example, you may be expecting nice long walks on a beautiful sandy beach.  Laying out on the beach and soaking up the sun.  You arrive and see the beach is filled with seaweed!  Ahhh… you can’t walk on the beach, the smell is yucky.  So what do you do?  Pout?  Get mad?  Blame the resort?  The best thing to do is to keep an open mind.  Play at the pool, walk in the gardens, have a “do it yourself couples” seaweed wrap – haha! Make the most of the situations and you will have more “fun” on your honeymoon and more memories to cherish.


  1. Unplug – for real!

No cell phones, no laptops, no tablets.  Change your profile picture to DO NOT DISTURB!  Couples are allowing themselves to be in the present moment with each other while spending time on their honeymoon.  Enjoying each other’s company as well as be completely aware of their surroundings brings relationships to another level.  By having real conversations with each other, meeting new people, reading real books while relaxing at the beach or by the pool the reality of the real world seems to fade away.  You become more relaxed, you feel a freedom that you may have not felt in a long time as an individual and as a person.  This freedom allows you to grow as a person and a couple by being able to allow thoughts and feelings to surfaces with that little ding constantly going off with some sort of notification to distract you.



  1. Plan a special honeymoon or a vacation gift for each other

The gifts can be simple or extravagant.  The point of the gift is to put thoughtfulness into the gift for each other.  You can forgo the wedding gift and wait until the honeymoon.  I had one bride do a photo shoot of herself in all of her lingerie that she received at her lingerie shower.  She made a little album for her husband and gave it to him on their honeymoon.  He loved it!!!  I’ve had grooms plan surprise candlelight dinners and the butler or server bring a covered dish and when the lid was lifted a beautiful bracelet was on the plate.  There are lots of fun easy things you can do and have set up before you leave for your honeymoon or romantic trip for each other.



  1. The new tradition-the honeymoon letter

You know the old tradition of saving the top tier of your cake and freezing it for your 1 year anniversary.  Yummy sounding huh?  I suggest that couples add to this tradition.  I suggest couples actually take a little time to themselves on the honeymoon write a letter to each other.  Make fun, make it serious, just make it genuine, make it about your real and authentic feelings.  Seal them up in an envelope and stick it in the freezer with the cake when you get home.  1 year later as you are toasting and enjoying the cake read the letters.   This can be a very special moment and continue to bring you closer.  You can also do this if this is your babymoon… read the letters when the baby turns 1 (in between the diaper changing) and if this is a honeyversary then read them on the next anniversary maybe at your next stop in paradise!


  1. Hire a travel professional

Talk with a Travel Professional.  While you have done your research online remember the internet is for looking the travel agent is for booking.  Travel professionals have knowledge and expert advice on destinations and resorts.  Even though you may find something that “looks great online” a travel professional will give you an unbiased opinion on the resorts and destinations.  They are working for you and want to ensure that you get the best value and experience.   Travel professionals will make the planning process so much easier for you and will offer you peace of mind while traveling.

26 Ways To Improve Your Honeymoon



1. Hire travel professional to plan it

2. Upgrade your room- you only honeymoon once go for the best

3. Buy a honeymoon gift for your fiancé

4. Plan a couple’s massage

5. Do one excursion together that you have never done before (ex. Zipline, skydiving)

6. Write a hand-written love letter to each other at the end and read on the plane ride home

7. Go off the grid. Lock your phones in the in-room safe!

8. Schedule a private driver or limo to bring you to and from the resort

9. Choose the destination that is right for you and your fiancé, not the destination your BFF went to or your co-worker said you should go to.

10. Plan a scavenger hunt for the trip

11. Take turns choosing one activity per day.

12. Invite another couple that you meet for drinks

13. Do not leave the day after your wedding

14. Have one day with no plans at all

15. Order room service

16. Plan a surprise

17. Arrange to have the house cleaned while you are away

18. Start a honeymoon registry/fund

19. Arrive home one full day before you return to work

20. Make a playlist ahead of time

21. Bring a camera (not your phone)

22. Be romantic

23. Play a board game (some hotels and resorts keep them around for rainy days)

24. Read a book to each other

25. Sexy lingerie

26. Have an honest discussion with each other about honeymoon expectations

For more information about having an amazing honeymoon planned by THE honeymoon expert click here for a complimentary consultation

How Engaged Are You?


Are you engaged?

I do not mean did you just get a diamond ring given to you by your significant other while they were down on one knee.  I mean are you really engaged with the person that you love?


When couples first get engaged there is such an exhilarating and emotional state of the relationship.  There are butterflies of excitement, there are new conversations, new thoughts and new feelings that all come up once a couple becomes engaged to be married.   You spend time together in a different way.  You know you are going to be spending the rest of your life with this person.  You get closer, ask deeper questions, find out even more about each other, you engage with each other on a more personal level.


What level of engagement are you at with your fiancé?  Are you at a higher level of presence in your relationship like when you first got engaged?  Will you continue to stay at this higher level of engagement during your time together?

A higher level of engagement is when you are focusing on your fiancé and more giving of yourself to your fiancé.  A higher level of engagement is when you are immersed in your relationship and the planning of your marriage.  You are mindful and fully aware that your relationship is a priority.

You never become “disengaged” or Unengaged (unless you break up) as a couple.  The engagement lasts if the two of you are together as a couple, forever.  Yes, you move on to becoming married, but you stay engaged as a couple.  It is your choice as to which level of engagement your relationship will be.  It is your choice each day in your relationship.  Yes, the level will fluctuate over the years and during time.   The more aware and engaged you are as a couple the greater your bond will be.

If you are newly engaged, are you focusing on the building of your relationship just as much as the planning of the wedding?


How engaged are you or will you be when your 1 year,5 years, or 10 year to 60-year anniversary comes around?  Will you still be engaged at the level of love, excitement, joy that you are the day the ring is placed on your finger?  Will it be more or will it be less?  Will you still have the butterflies?  Butterflies or the excitement for your relationship and for the other person will stay and will strengthen over time if you stay engaged at this higher level on a regular basis with each other.

Be engaging in the moments you spend together.  Engage in meaningful conversations with each other.  Engage in the things that you want meaning from in your relationship. Engage with intent, energy, excitement and enthusiasm.  Be fully engaged with your spouse and they will more than likely reciprocate.    We all get busy in our day-to-day routines.  We lose the zest of our relationships by getting caught up in ourselves, our business, our friends, our families and our children.  Put the cell phone and the tablets way!  Take date nights as often as you can.  Take a romantic trip together at least once a year.  Dance in the kitchen together while dinner is cooking.  Kiss each other as often as possible.  Hold hands.  Smile at each other.  Stay playful.


Stay engaged to keep your relationship going at a high level and to stay engaged forever.



Contact Shannon, the romance travel expert at Paradise Vacation Escapes to plan a honeymoon or trip for you and your loved one so that you can stay engaged with each other.  Shannon’s email is Shannon@paradisevacationescapes.com, phone is 225-303-2240.

Top 3 2017 Romance Travel Trends

Our world has gotten smaller.  Thanks to technology we can get to places faster, easier and much more comfortable than we did 20 years ago.  Vacations to the islands and Europe are still on the list of trendy vacations, however, what is popular in the up-to-date travel trends, especially for romance travel are more extended and immersed vacations.  Couples are looking for some place different to experience.  Thailand, Australia, and Dubai are not as exotic as they once used to be.  Honeymooners have discovered that they may want to invest more in their travel together than the wedding budget so places like Bali and Tahiti are falling in with the new trends as well as what is listed below.

Wonderful new trends are happening to give couples, even more, ways to experience life and love together.  I have 3 of 2017 top Romance travel trends and I am excited to share with you so you can start planning a new adventure for a honeymoon, anniversary or a romantic escape for this year.


  1. Take A Safari
  2. safaricouple

Sunrises and sunset skies are magnificent in the Africa.  Gone are the days of roughing it on a safari now you can stay in luxury camps or an elegant villa.  Enjoy private guides for two.  Seclusion at its finest all among nature as you have never seen it.  Dining is gourmet and exquisite cuisine and fine wines are of abundance in Africa.

  1. Food Romancepastamaking

The love for food for some is almost equal to the love for each other in some cases.  Enjoy a vacation completely centered around gourmet exclusive adventures.  Spend the day in the home of a kitchen in Italy learning to cook authentic Italian cuisine from a real Italian native.   Spend the evening on a wine tour in Napa.  Many hotels now around the country offer cooking classes.  Food is a great way to share your passion and love with each other.


  1. Cruising in Eleganceelegantdiningcouplerivercruise

River cruising is much more different than ocean cruising.  The ships are smaller, the staff is trained to a higher level of service.  River cruises are a more luxurious way to cruise together as a couple in a much more intimate setting.  Guests occupancy vary from 100- 200 passengers. The cabins are larger and much more comfortable. While river cruising has normally been geared toward retired couples and baby boomers, the newer generations (gen Xers and millennials) are drawn to the unique port of calls, the excursions (that are mostly included in the price), the fine dining options, and wine being included on the sailings.


Appealing?  Want to plan a romantic different trip for 2017?  I would love to make this happen for you.  Contact me via email shannontravel2@gmail.com, call me at 225-303-2240 so we can schedule a time to meet over coffee or a glass of wine to talk about you traveling together in love 2017.