2 Great Reasons Why It’s Okay To Take  A Mommy & Daddy Trip

2 Great Reasons Why It’s Okay To Take A Mommy & Daddy Trip

2 Great Reasons Why It’s Okay To Take
 A Mommy & Daddy Trip   

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes mommy with the baby carriage…and everything changes! You go from being a couple to being a family. Then maybe another one comes along… and you are the typical family with 2.5 kids, the minivan, sleepless nights or just interrupted sleep, the family pet, the errands, the dinners, the soccer games, the doctors appointments, the school plays, the field trips, the never ending questions from 4 year old…should I go on?

The love and the attention that you give to your children is beyond measure and as loving parents we are more than happy to do for them, right? What else is happening to the couple you are still a part of while all of this (life) is going on? Oh yes… you are still a “couple”.

I am giving you permission to get a sitter, call the grandparents and get the hell out of that routine and take a trip as a couple.

I have 2  GREAT reasons why you MUST take Mommy and Daddy trips

1-     Reboot.

What happens when our phones and computers get stuck? What do we do? REBOOT! We get stuck in life, in the day to day errands and we get stuck in our relationship with our spouse. A great way to reboot the relationship is to reboot. Turn off all of those distractions and turn ON the relationship. An adult only trip with your spouse will put the distractions out of sight for a few days while you focus on each other again. You will come back and be refreshed allowing you to be better parents, better co-worker’s,etc

2-     Example.


What example do you want your kids to see? Do you want them to see the love you share for each other and that working ON your marriage is a priority? This something couples often forget about. Think about the example your parents set for you. Was it good or bad? I know my parents set an excellent example of two people remaining a couple even though they had four kids to tend to they always set aside time for each other. They did not have the luxury of traveling however they went out on dates, they danced in the living room, they wrote love letters to each other, they kept their focus on each other as a couple. Be the example of what type of relationship you want your children to have.

As a bonus for you I am also including in this article a permission slip for you …just have your child sign it and present this to your favorite travel consultant to begin the planning process of your trip to paradise. (wink wink)

5 Reasons Why The Caribbean is a Romantic Destination


The sounds of the waves crashing into the shore. The clear blues skies matching the blue waters so close its hard to tell the sky from the sea. The sound of steel drum music enticing you pat your feet and nod your head to the beat. The temptations of the exotic food, the tastes of delicious rum and feeling the soft sea breeze is all a perfect mixture for a romantic Caribbean escape.

Top 5 reasons why the Caribbean is a romantic destination

  1. Spectacular Landscapes

One reason people choose the Caribbean as their Paradise is because it offers some amazing landscapes that are unique all around the world. Lush tropical gardens, exotic plants, rainforests, bluffs, mountains and even a volcano in some island locations.  There is so much beauty to be found in nature and our surroundings.  When we take the time to appreciate the beauty around us we can easily see the beauty with in ourselves and with in our special loved one.

Bird of Paradise Plant in Full Bloom

  1. Turquoise blue water

Refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing. The moment you see the clear blue waters from the window of your plane you are tempted to just jump right in. The water is inviting and fun to play and have fun in as a couple.

Happy Senior Couple Dancing Holding Hands on A Tropical Beach

  1. Blissful Beaches

There is something romantic about a beach. It may have been romanticized even more because of the 1953 film From Here to Eternity with the ever popular image of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr exchanging a hot sexy kissing scene with the waves crashing on them. Make sure you are cuddling under an umbrella, searching for sea shells or creating your own hot and steamy kissing session on the beach with someone special!


  1. Dreamy Sunsets

Colors from so many palettes paint the sky at sunset time. The warm colors that create a magical atmosphere. It is like being in a fairytale. For a moment you both stare in awe at the sky and then at the each other. Things that have this type of beauty make you appreciate the beauty in each other and in your life.

A young couple share a romantic dinner on the beach

  1. Tranquil Nights

Lovers from all over the world enjoy long walks during the night. There is something about the stars and the moon that can create the perfect setting for one of the most romantic experiences in the Caribbean. The moonlight gives a beautiful soft glow over the water and each other. The stars are countless. The sounds are tantalizing, the sounds of waves, the wind are the perfect setting for a romantic night.


  1. Captivating food and drinks

The Caribbean is full of tempting foods and drinks. Foods full of flavor, aromas, and textures allow you to have fun and enjoy new cultures. Experiencing dinner by candle light with a picturesque setting of the Caribbean and sharing food with your loved one is the perfect way to start off a loving night in Paradise. The rum, the wine and spirits flow generously in the Caribbean creating a mood like no other.

whitehouse romantic dinner

5 Ways to Put the Spark Back Into Your Relationship

5 Ways to Put the Spark Back Into Your Relationship

Every relationship has a period of time when it seems to have lost that special spark that you felt when you first got together. This typically happens to everyone who has been with their significant other for some time and the bloom seems to have fallen off the rose. It’s not that difficult to get it back however, when you give these 5 tips a try.

1.     Renew Your Friendship
Most likely you were friends before anything else developed in your relationship so now is the perfect time to renew that friendship. Many couples schedule their romantic time together; instead, why not have a movie night, take in a baseball game or have a pillow fight? If you take the time to re-discover each other as friends, it’s much easier to re-ignite the passion.

2.     Plan Romantic Trip
You might have heard this advice before but it’s simply one of the best ways to add that spark back into your relationship. Couples who take romantic trips – perhaps to the same location they went after their wedding, usually find those feelings they had the day they married re-emerge.
If you aren’t married, try taking a trip to an exotic and romantic locale you have always dreamed of visiting. You will be exploring your dream location with your best friend and creating beautiful memories you will take back home with you

3.     Make Quality Time for Each Other
Quality time isn’t just for the kids or the entire family; it’s for couples as well. If you both love to visit new cities or travel for example, why not take a weekend trip to a resort, spa or hotel and be pampered? You could spend your time together taking long walks on a beach, sitting in a park or garden setting or perhaps finding a new museum or art gallery to visit.

4.     Date Night
You most likely have heard of date night and it isn’t just for parents, it’s for busy couples who rarely have time to just relax and enjoy each other. Plan for an evening out with your loved one at a restaurant, the movies, theater show or even a nightclub; something that you both will look forward to.

5.     Do Something Different
A very important tip to keeping the spark alive in your relationship is to try new things and have brand new experiences together. Part of the problem with most relationships is, couples tend to repeat the same actions; for example, going to the same restaurants or weekly bowling night. Instead, choose something you have never done before that you both want to try and make it fun and exciting.
It only takes a bit of imagination and a little ingenuity to bring that spark back to life!

The Definition of Honeymoon?

The dictionary says:



1. a vacation or trip taken by a newly married couple.
2.the month or so following a marriage.
3.any period of blissful harmony: Their entire 60 years of marriage was one long honeymoon.
4.any new relationship characterized by an initial period of harmony and goodwill: The honeymoon between Congress and the new president was over.
I love number 3…blissful harmony!  If that’s the case then I want to be on a honeymoon all of the time, don’t you?
My definition of HONEYMOON is:
A time for two people that are together to get away with each other…to leave the phones , the job, the kids,the stress , the friends behind and escape.  Escape and reconnect!
A honeymoon can happen as many times as you like with your special someone…why go on just one?  Go on numerous honeymoons… Surprise them with a special trip…. schedule a trip once a year for five nights or more just the two of you!  Go on a near by weekend get away together.  If you are married renew your vows at a beautiful destination wedding location…often times renewals are free!
It keeps that spark going….and maybe turning it into a flame…. and that will keep you in BLISSFUL HARMONY!
I want to know…. so please please tell me ….what is YOUR definition of honeymoon?
Please let me know!
Post your definition here or on my facebook page Paradise Vacation Escapes!
I can’t wait to hear ….

Tips for Traveling Together for the First Time

Your first trip together is often a milestone in a couples relationship.  You want it to be perfect and memorable.  As a professional travel consultant one of the first questions I ask my clients is “Have you traveled together before?”  I know the importance of that first trip together!  I know the meaning it will have to both parties!  So how do you make it a trip to remember , a fun get away , a romantic journey?   bigstock-couple-on-beach-with-travel-ba-21894044

Here are 5 tips that I often give my clients when planning their first trip together:

1.  Start small – a weekend getaway or a 3 night trip minimum.  This will “test the waters” and let you know you are as travel partners.

2.  Budget – decide this upfront, if you are inviting and planning are you paying?  will you be splitting the cost of the trip?  Discussing this in advance will avoid any misleading about who is responsible for paying and will also help avoid any uncomfortableness as far as money is concerned.bigstock-Young-romantic-couple-sitting--13095359

3.  Be Spontaneous – don’t plan too many activities for the weekend and don’t worry if you don’t stay on a time schedule.  Dinner reservations is great and maybe one planned tour activity during each day .   Remember you are there to enjoy each other and part of that is enjoying new experiences together.  Be present and in the moment with each other, explore and be open to what ever comes your way on this romantic trip!bigstock-Smiling-couple-reading-menu-a-39909421

4.  Plan a romantic moment- nothing major…the simple things mean the most.  Try putting a piece of chocolate on your partners pillow at night or a short hand written note by their bedside saying one special thing about them, a single flower that you present on a walk, or a dance in the park.  bigstock-A-couple-traveling-sit-on-the--28808525

5. Avoid cell phones- you are their to enjoy each other be respectful of the other person.  Be in the moment, how can you enjoy a sunset together if you are checking Facebook, tweeting or checking emails.  You can upload the pictures from your weekend together when you return!  Make the memories now and reminiscence and share later!  Never use your cell phone during dinner or any other planned activity.  If you have to take a phone call apologize and let them know its an important call. Cell Phone Blues

and a lagniappe tip:

ENJOY THE JOURNEY.…getting there is the fun…if something challenging happens on the trip don’t get frustrated, laugh and make the most of it, if they lose your luggage oh well, great excuse to order room service and have dinner in the hotel robes 😉 , remember to laugh….life is suppose to be fun and if you are with someone you care about its going to be even more fun!