5 Honeymoon Woe’s and How to Avoid Them

The word Woe means to have distress.  Distress and Honeymoon should not be in the same sentence if you ask me!   Honeymoons are mean for you to enjoy as a couple to get away from the stress of all of the wedding planning you have been doing.   However, 8 out of 10 couples stress over their honeymoon.  From deciding, planning to even being there.


Here are my top 5 ways to avoid honeymoon woes!

  1. We can’t afford a nice honeymoon                              1572063

Creating a budget for the honeymoon should go in the budget with the wedding.  The honeymoon is part of the wedding. Determine what and who you want to spend your money on. You may find ways to cut cost from the wedding that would be better spend towards you and your fiancé.

Another way to help make honeymoons affordable is by having a honeymoon registry.  This is just like a wedding registry however instead of gifts your guests give you money towards your honeymoon.  You can use the money to pay for the honeymoon or pay for excursions while you are on the honeymoon.


  1. We can’t decide where to go                           1678146

He wants the mountains; she wants the beach.  What you do not need is to argue about this, you have enough to worry about with the details of planning a wedding.  There are a couple of ways to narrow it down.  There is a download provided with 25 questions you should ask each other before planning a wedding that you can refer to.

What is really recommended is that you communicate.  Have an open mind when listening to the other person.  Ask questions about why they want to go there, ask what they liked most about where they have already traveled.   Dwell on the topic of traveling together and where you dream of going.  Really spend time on this.

Research and look on the internet and then seek the advice of a travel professional.  Especially one that specializes in honeymoons.  They know this is the start of your happily ever after and they want you to have the best honeymoon every.  They will make sure you are choosing the right destination to fit your needs and wants.

  1. We don’t have time to go on a honeymoon Hourglass.

Only 1 in 4 couples go on their dream honeymoon.   Those 3 couples that do not go on their dream honeymoon live to regret this decision.  Just like scheduling the honeymoon in with the budget schedule the honeymoon when you do have time to enjoy the start of your lives as Mr. and Mrs.   This is an imperative time of your new marital relationship.   Making the time to be alone together rather than jumping back in to the day to day life of work is something that will strengthen the foundation of your relationship.


  1. We don’t have time to plan a honeymoon. Business.

No, you don’t.  You are planning a wedding and having fun being engaged.  Planning a honeymoon does involve much time and research.  This is why you hire a travel professional to do the planning for you.  There is no reason you need should have to plan this all on your own.

The only thing you need to find is a travel professional that specializes in honeymoons and that you get along with.  You can do that by asking for referrals, googling honeymoon travel professionals in your wedding area.  Another excellent way to find a travel professional is by looking on the Knot and wedding wire.


  1. We are afraid to go somewhere new or out of the country.1672533

There are legitimate concerns for traveling out of the country this day and age.  Living in fear though is not how we grow.  “Borders divide.  Travel Unites.”  A very powerful quote.  Travel unites us as mankind.  Traveling to foreign countries also unite couples even more.  The experience as a couple is even more profound when you travel in love.

Traveling out of the country is exciting.  When you have a travel professional to guide you along the way you will be safer.  You will have someone to call should anything go wrong and they will be there for you.


There are many components to honeymoon planning and the woes should not be a part of it!

Honeymoons: What’s Trending

According to Wikipedia the history of honeymoons is:The period when newlywed couples take a break to share some private and intimate moments that helps establish love in their relationship. This privacy in turn is believed to ease the comfort zone towards a physical relationship, which is one of the primary means of bonding during the initial days of marriage. The earliest term for this in English was hony moone, which was recorded as early as 1546.

Honeymoon traditions have surely evolved since 1546.  Honeymoons are still that time to share intimate moments to build the foundation of a couple’s relationship yet there are a few new trending things happening in the world of honeymoons.

Here are the top 3 Trends in Honeymoons:

1.     Unplugged

No cell phones, no laptops, no tablets.  Couples are allowing themselves to be in the present moment with each other while spending time on their honeymoon.  Enjoying each other’s company as well as be completely aware of their surroundings brings relationships to another level.  By having real conversations with each other, meeting new people, reading real books while relaxing at the beach or by the pool the reality of the real world seems to fade away.  You become more relaxed, you feel a freedom that you may have not felt in a long time as an individual and as a person.  This freedom allows you to grow as a person and a couple by being able to allow thoughts and feelings to surfaces with that little ding constantly going off with some sort of notification to distract you.

2.     The More The Merrier

Invite a few other couple friends.  This is happening more often especially with older couples that may already live together, on second marriage or with couples that are doing group destination weddings.  They are inviting 2-4 couple friends along for the trip.   It is a celebration, why not celebrate with some close friends.  Keeping in mind to still allow for alone time during the honeymoon.  This is great for each couple.  Spend the day playing together and dine separately at night or vice versa.  This gives you the best of both worlds, a trip together as the new Mr. and Mrs. For the romance and having friends along to have fun with!

3.     Professional Photo Sessions

Yes, you have taken engagement photos, bridal portraits and how many at the wedding?  The honeymoon is just as important as all of those listed so it is very important to preserve these memories as well.  The selfie stick will not hold a candle to having a real professional photographer do a photo session with you on the honeymoon.  Most resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico have photographers on site that will be more than happy to schedule sunset sessions with you, some even complimentary (you pay for the images you purchase).  Other resorts will have professional photographer referrals at their concierge desk.

Don’t be a honeymoron: make the most of your honeymoon

Honeymoons are a joyous time in anyone’s life. They follow the other happy event of marriage, and are a period when a couple can focus just on each other. The best honeymoons allow you to explore somewhere that at least one of you hasn’t been to: the exotic and the new help the romance build, and provide wonderful memories for the two of you as a couple. So, just like a wedding, a honeymoon is important for setting a marriage out on the right foot!


            For that reason and others, it’s important not to withhold on your honeymoon! Why do people skimp on their honeymoon, and compromise on the dream romantic vacation that they actually had in mind? While we can’t give definite answers that would apply to every single newlywed couple, one major reason couples skimp is because they spent too much on their wedding! Of course the wedding is important to, and is the more public celebration which includes friends and extended family. But, while you plan your wedding, you should also have your honeymoon in mind! What fun is it to sacrifice the activities, restaurants, and places to see on your honeymoon, just to have a fancier caterer or a bigger chandelier at your wedding reception? It’s my firm belief that the honeymoon is just as important as the wedding, and you shouldn’t sacrifice one for the sake of the other!


            Furthermore, this might seem obvious to some, but: this is YOUR honeymoon! It’s a special trip, celebrating the beginning of your life together, not just a one weekend getaway! On smaller trips, sure, get the economy hotel room and eat at a chain place instead of a fancy and unique restaurant…but not here! Go all out, including on the little things in the accommodations, dining, and travel. Why have your great memories of each other, the beach, the big city, and the mountains, spoiled by memories of a crappy and stressful airplane ride, or smelly hotel room? Go all out for the person you just married!



            Another reason skimping on your honeymoon is unwise is that it will often mean sacrificing one partner’s desires to the others. That’s not a good way to start out your marriage! While there are financial and temporal limits to where you can go and what you can do in total, don’t cut out one partner’s ideas just to save money. If you can’t decide between two options, do your absolute best to do them both! This way, you’re starting things out on the right foot in your marriage by making each of you feel important and listened to, and acting on each other’s’ ideas in a combined way that satisfies you both. The alternative means one partner getting more of what they want than the other, and that can often lead to feelings of bitterness and resentment going forward. Avoid that trap early, by not skimping on your honeymoon: encompass both your ideas!


            You also want to make sure you can have the best experiences on your honeymoon possible, and those often cost money. We all like saying that the best things in life are free, and, there is a great deal of truth in that! Tender moments with your significant other, enjoyment of nature, sharing a laugh with a friend: all priceless, and don’t cost (at least directly) a single cent. But, the hard truth is that many great experiences do cost money. You need to pay to transport yourself to different interesting locations, you need a place to stay, you need to eat, and various tours and travel planning cost money well to get useful expertise from others. Why skimp on any of that, and miss out on fascinating sights and experiences? You could even risk having a poorly planned or even dangerous trip if you don’t book things with a reliable travel agent, who can guide you through the process of trip planning.


            In conclusion, there are plenty of reasons to not skimp on your honeymoon. Special occasions like that need to be done right; they’re unique, and you want happy and unique memories, not stress and dissatisfaction. Don’t sacrifice your time and money that could be spent celebrating your marriage with frivolous extras at your wedding. Don’t sacrifice each others’ happiness; incorporate each others’ ideas.   Keep these points in mind when planning your wedding and honeymoon. I wish you a wonderful marriage, and a wonderful start to that marriage! Happy honeymooning!

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Destination Wedding Photographers – What you need to know!

I love to help my bride and grooms get the most from their destination weddings!  One of the most important things for a wedding to me is the memories you create and the images that capture all of those memores for you to have for a lifetime.

Most resorts do provide you with a “photographer” and it is usually included in the wedding packages but I like to recommend to my clients is to bring a professional wedding photographer with you!

I recently interviewed a photographer who is very familiar with traveling for destination weddings.  Jenn Ocken enlightens us in this article on the pros of bringing your personal photographer with you for your destination wedding.

What is the reason you think a couple  should hire a photographer that they know locally or is recommended to them  to capture the destination wedding versus the resort photographer?


The main difference is a resort photographer could be a trained photographer, but most likely a seasonal worker that has almost no photographic experience.  There is rarely any passion behind composing the images or telling the story.  Often times they use a very generic shot list and only capture the typical timeline photos from a wedding celebration. They aren’t focused on reactions of your parents or the in between moments when your groom sneaks an intimate look at his new bride! They are paid, usually not well, to stage photos and get out of there as soon as possible. Their is no relationship built between the bride and groom and their photographer, which often results is the 101 poses of wedding photography. 
By booking a photographer and taking them with you, you have time to create a relationship with them. You can meet with them see their work and express what are the import things about your wedding and why they mean so much to you. There are a lot of little details and behind the scene stories to all weddings. I love to hear about them. It helps me understand the dynamic of the family and in turn I can tell a better story individual to each client’s celebration. Also you can schedule an engagement session in your home town bringing the place where you live in to your wedding celebration even though you are heading out on a destination wedding. This engagement session is also used as a great relationship builder between the bride and groom and their photographer. 

How do you prepare the bride and groom for their photographs on the wedding day?

We chat it up. I talk about their time ,understand their needs and what they are wanting captured. I love getting to know them and understanding their personalities and the knowing the process leading up the celebration!  This all helps me to be understanding of their needs and what is happening and also available with out being overwhelming during the events of the wedding celebration. Oh and I love Pintrest! We create boards for all our clients so they can share pictures of the locations, their details and other photos they would love to capture for their day! I get an idea of their style, what make them smile and makes their heart skip a beat. This sets me up for a very successful assignment!

Would you like to add any valuable information to a couple planning a destination regarding their wedding photos?

1) Remember the celebration is about them and their commitment to each other.

2) Stick to what you want as a couple for your day!

3) Enjoy the engagement too! You will never be engaged ever again but you will be married for the rest of your life!

Romance Travel …. An essential key to healthy loving relationships

Honeymoons and Romance Travel… one of the things I love most about my relationship with my sweetie is that we take the time out to do things together that we love.   Football, wine, and travel!  I came to realize how valuable this time is that we spend together when we travel away together from the everyday hustles and bustles and each trip we take together brings us closer to each other and enriches our relationship with each other. Not to mention the fabulous memories we are making!  This is why I decided to specialize in Luxury romance travel.  I think it’s important enough that I don’t just make sure my travels are romantic and memorable; it is my job to help others reconnect with each other.  Starting with honeymoons, to weekend getaways, to Anniversary trips to babymoons, destination weddings, and renewals…

The top three reasons why I think people should make Romance travel a priority.

  1. Honeymoons are a great way to start your happily ever after!  After all of the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding and the actual wedding you will need some down time to relax and enjoy each other’s company… and talk about your future, your hopes and dreams now that you are Mr.  & Mrs.!
  2. Getaways … these are so great for relationships!  You can leave work and kids behind even for the weekend!  Have fun with each other …flirt…play…remember again why you fell in love with each other and really appreciate the person you are with!  It can be done at home but being in a different location, even just an hour away helps you focus one each other and not the dirty house, the yard, and other details.
  3. Make memories…. Actually this should be number one!  Romance travel allows you to make wonderful memories….long walks on the beach….candle light dinners,  private pools in your bungalow…. So many memories to be made for you to reminisce on….. And make you smile during the middle of a hectic day at work….

I have clients that often ask how can they make the trip just a little more special and romantic… and I have TONS of ideas…while you have probably covered all the basis by having me make your dinner reservations and excursions in advance something you can do to add the personal touch is bring along some candles or even the flameless candles work to set the mood in your hotel room. Don’t forget to bring some bubble bath and surprise your special person by putting a flower or a seashell you found on their pillow!

X O X O – Shannon