Passport Tips

  1. You will not need your driver’s license as an I.D, unless you plan on driving in the country you are visiting. The passport will serve as your government issued I.D. The passport trumps the driver’s license (except when driving of course). You will only show your passport at check-in and with TSA.
  2. Your passport needs to NOT expire within 6 months of your return date when traveling to certain counties. Visit the official passport website for details. Please have it updated ASAP if it does.
  3. Make sure your passport is not damaged. Water damage, unofficial
    markings, or tears especially on the main page can make your passport invalid.
  4. Make sure the passport is signed by you on the indicated signature line.
  5. Make 2 print copies of the page with your picture. Leave one copy at home with a responsible party. Take one copy with you on the trip. This is for just in case something happens to your hard copy passport. Like if it’s lost or stolen then it will be much easier for you to get a reissue.
  6. Never, ever, leave your passport in the pocket seat of the airplane.
  7. If you lose your passport abroad contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or
  8. Get all of your passport information at the official U.S government site here.
  9. Keep your passport in a fireproof safe with other valuables and official documents. 
    For more information on travel contact your travel
    expert: Shannon LeBlanc

Hiring a Professional Photographer for your Vacation or Honeymoon

You have to, have to, have to hire a photographer on your next vacation, honeymoon, or getaway.
I did it for my recent trip to Hawaii because I needed updated professional photographs to use for my new website (coming soon) and marketing materials.

What I got was much more and why I suggest you do the same on your next vacation. I was somewhat excited to do a photo session, especially since I was in Hawaii. I was on a tight schedule so my photographer suggested we do a sunrise session. The session was fun and relaxing. She told me she would have the images to me in 3 weeks. I personally took over 1000 images with my camera and phone of my trip. I’ve organized them and started to use them for some social media posts.

Time has come and gone and I have thought often of my trip to Hawaii. I have thought about the beach, the flowers, the sounds, the smells, the people. I’ve already started mentally planning my trip back, this time with Richard. I’ve thought about the meals, the laughter, the wind, the music, the dancing.

Then I got the email from the photographer (who by the way is amazing and I would love to refer her to you), Elise Sanchez Photography, that my images were ready. I admit I was a little nervous, as I am very critical of myself. I opened the link to her blog and was immediately taken back in time. To see myself in Paradise brings back the feelings, the euphoria and the amazement I was feeling in that moment. This is what great photography does. This is what photography does when you are in the picture and not the one doing the photography. The images stops time. The images bring you back. The images capture the feelings you were feeling in that moment. The images will live on forever.

This is what you can do on your honeymoon, that anniversary trip, that surprise trip, that family getaway. Capture that moment. Let it live forever it will help your memories stay alive!

This is why I suggest, encourage and beg you to hire a professional photographer for your next trip. This is something your travel professional can also help you with.

The Island of Oahu And Love – How They Are the Same

Oahu filled with Magic

First, we need to define what love is. One definition of love is to have an intense feeling of deep affection. To act of caring and giving to someone else. Love can have and does have many definitions. To me, love is both a feeling and an action. Love is so powerful because when you feel the love you also feel cherished, adored, safe, comfortable, excited, giddy and pure happiness. This is exactly what the Hawaiian island O’ahu can do to your soul if you let it.
O’ahu is known as the heart of Hawaii and that is where love is found, in the heart. O’ahu invites you in at your own pace. You can be swept off your feet by the fast pace excitement of the city life in Waikiki adorned with the bluest waters and lush green mountains embracing the buildings and the concrete. You can enjoy a slower pace by visiting the north shore and enjoying the more laid-back pace of life taking in nature and the awe of the ocean. O’ahu can tease you with exotic foods, mesmerizing luau shows, dancing in clubs and breathtaking sunsets.
You don’t even realize how O’ahu has made her way into your heart until you start learning about her history and knowing all that she has been through.  The warmth and hospitality will have you suddenly smiling for no reason like you do when you are in love. 
Effortlessly you are saying Aloha with true meaning behind it. According to the Hawaiian government, The Aloha spirit is the coordination of mind and heart within each person to the self. Each person must think and emote good feelings to others. 
Like love, Aloha means to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen and to know the unknowable. O’ahu like love brings you a sense of feeling at home. You sense that comfortableness and familiarity with a hint of excitement. This is what O’ahu has to offer. This is a journey and an experience that is truly to be savored and treasured.  


Plane seats are “cozy” now. Cozy is often a polite term used for small. After a recent trip to Hawaii, I have witnessed first hand how cozy they really are. Here are some reasons to upgrade your seat: If you are taller than 5’2″ and if you want to work on your laptop with it fully open.
Here are 3 ways to be better prepared if you do not upgrade your seat.

  1. Have the items you need for the plane ride already in hand before you get on the plane. This way you will help save time. Place your bag under the seat and then put your belongings in the pocket behind your seat.
  2. Pack light. Don’t bring books, use your kindle or ipad for reading.
  3. Keep your travel pillow out of your bag and carry around your arm or neck when you are boarding the plane. This will save time and moving room when you need it.

I will say shorter flights are easier to deal with the cozy room the airlines are providing us with and while I am not a fan of paying for extra legroom, for flights longer than 4 hours I do believe it is worth it.


As I was strolling down the sidewalks of Waikiki beach I noticed this couple in front of me. I had chills watching them. I do not know who they are. I do not know their story. Did they meet yesterday or have they been together for 50 years? What I do know is that as I walked behind them at watched in adoration they giggled, kissed each other and held hands the entire time. I could feel the love they shared. It warmed my heart to see this. To see the playfulness, the tenderness and the flirting that these two souls shared. I know this will be me and my love in years to come. I knew that the moment we met. I wonder if this couple knew their love was true years ago or did they realize it yesterday. The thing is that we realize that we have true love. The thing is that we are grateful for it and we do what it takes to make it last. I thank god I get to witness true love on a daily basis in my personal world. I am open to seeing this more in others worlds. Are you?
This is true love.

5 Questions To Ask About All Inclusives

from the expert

All inclusive resorts are very popular for vacations, honeymoons and destination weddings. Please keep in mind that all all inclusive resorts are not the same.I recommend when booking an all inclusive to ask these key 5 questions:

  1. Are gratuties included? And if they are included are you still expected to tip?
  2. What water sports are included? What water sports are available at an additional costs?
  3. Are all of the resturaunts included or is there an additional charge for specialty resturaunts?
  4. Are there additional charges for things like lobster, specialty wines, premium alcohol?
  5. Is transportation included to and from the airport?

These questions will help to manage your expectations of the resort and what is included. Knowing these things will limit unwelcome surprises!
If you want to know more about All inclusives here is a free download for you!